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How To Rev Up Your Metabolism By Drinking More Water
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If you are on a diet or about to embark on one you surely know the importance of water in any diet.

From eating just cabbage soup to the famous South Bach Diet, every dieter has experienced the benefits of effective water intake for irrigation of the body and its cells.

Water is the essence of all life, and just because you are on a diet does not mean that you should ignore the important role that water has to play in your diet plan. Water is the life giving essence that cools the body, nourishes it, and satisfies its thirst whenever it feels parched. Water contains no calories so it is neutral to your diet in so many ways, yet indispensible when you are dieting or not.

So, how much water is sufficient for anyone who is on a diet to lose weight safely and easily?

Experts tell us that drinking about eight glasses of water a day will keep us hydrated and sated to the point that our body will be nourished and allow it to replenish the hydrolytes, nutrients and to allow cellular functioning to continue unaffected.

Did you know that one study found that drinking eight glasses of water a day can lead to the burning off of 35,000 calories in a year, which translates into about ten pounds a year? Really. Just by drinking eight glasses of water a day you can lose up to ten pounds a year safely and easily just by nature running its course.

So how much water intake is enough?

Well, if you are trying to lose weight safely and easily, you should be drinking up to eight glasses of water a day during your dieting period. Drinking water helps to reduce your hunger during periods of exertion that is why we all reach for water after a good workout as opposed to reaching for food.

Drinking water to lose weight is supported by medical research where one study found that drinking 6 ½ cups of water a day while dieting can help you burn off 200 calories a day. As stated above this can ad up over a year to help you lose more than ten pounds easily and without effort. If you fail to take enough water into your system to sustain itself during a workout you will start to feel dehydrated and that can lead to further problems. Monitor your intake during exercise routines and also during dieting periods so that you prevent dehydration from occurring,

If you place your water container in the fridge prior to your workout it becomes more refreshing when you want to drink it, and adding some lemon wedges to it gives it a little flavor if you don’t want to drink water that is “bland”.

Water is the essence of all life and can sustain you during your exercising and during your dieting periods, but you must drink when thirsty and to keep hydrated. The importance of water to your dieting cannot be underestimated and you should pay particular attention to your body when it tells you that it is time to drink.

By drinking six to eight glasses of water a day you can eliminate any potential problems that may be brought on by weak dieting practices or over exertion during your exercise periods. And don’t be afraid of drinking “too much” water. Nature will take care of that for you, and the good that you give your body by drinking will last you in your dieting efforts.

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