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How Weight Loss & Exercise Can Prevent 40% Of Cancers
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How Weight Loss & Exercise Can Prevent 40% of Cancers

Prevention is the best way to cure many diseases including cancer. Many people think getting cancer is either down to bad luck or if it runs in their family. While it is true that cancer can run in families, cancer is preventable. What is the best way to prevent cancer; through healthy eating, fat loss, exercise, not smoking, and lowering your risk of radiation.

If we can change our lifestyle by watching what we put into our bodies and be more focused on what we do in our daily routine, we can prevent cancer risk drastically.

Extra weight is one of the biggest causes of cancer. Unnecessary fat releases hormones in the body. Fat is basically an extra organ which interacts with the normal processes in the body. The worst place to have this fat is in the abdominal area. Belly fat closes in on the other organs in the body which can cause serious health problems such as cancer and heart disease. Extra fat can also cause inflammation in the body which can lead to cancer. So if you want to prevent cancer, it is best to get rid of belly fat.

Foods that will help prevent cancer and aid in weight loss are listed below:

• Wild salmon

• Wolfberries

• Avocados

• Acai berries

• Tomatoes

• Goji berry

Avocados are known to help prevent oral cancer and have antioxidants that may prevent many other cancers. Goji berry has powerful antioxidants and fiber and helps strengthen the immune system; tomatoes have lycopene which helps prevent prostate cancer in men. Also Vitamin D is great in preventing many kinds of cancer. Getting Vitamin D from the sun is great but too much sun exposure can cause cancer as well. Taking a Vitamin D supplement is a great alternative. Eating 5-9 servings of fruit and veggies a day will add more fiber to your diet pushing toxins out of your body and fights diseases including cancer.

Exercise is great for weight loss and cancer prevention. Doing cardio is not only good for the heart but helps get rid of cancer causing toxins through sweating and helps the colon in eliminating waste from the body.

Smoking as we know can cause respiratory problems, which can turn into cancer. It makes the body work harder making it difficult for the body to get rid of toxins.

Avoid eating processed meats and try to eat meats that are 100% meat and no waste. Red meat should only be eaten no more than 2 times a week. Cell phone usage should be limited or you can use a head set. There are studies that found that cell phone usage increase the risk of radiation.

There are many foundations that are actively searching for a cure to cancer. I believe the best cure for cancer is prevention. Following the steps above will lower your risk of getting cancer.

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