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I Need Motivation To Lose Weight
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I Need Motivation to Lose Weight

I’ve always had a weight problem, and over the years it just got worse. I started to think that my wife would no longer find me attractive! Turns out this wasn’t the case but we talked about it for a while and both agreed that it was about time I started to take care of myself.

The idea of not being able to get close and personal with my wife really hit me hard. Thus wasn’t the only negative about my weight, I didn’t have the energy or fitness for my young family. I wanted to be the best dad I could and that simply meant being there for them. Although the fact remained that my poor self image was all mine, it was a motivating factor to get the body that I wanted. The next problem was where to start. I had no idea so I did what most people do and searched the internet for some ideas. I guess just what you’re doing now because you’ve found this post!

I found lots of weight loss motivation quotes online and started to read them. Here are a few of my favorites.

The first one I really liked was “Success is a staircase, not a doorway” by Dottie Walters. I knew that my task ahead wasn’t going to be easy. And it made me realize that I really have to take things step by step.

The second quote that I found inspirational was “Believe while others are doubting” by William Arthur Ward. I was so afraid about telling my mates about my change of lifestyle because, well, you know what friends can be like! I was totally wrong, I should have more faith in my friends. They were very supportive right from the start, even though there were a few light hearted jokes thrown my way, but any good friend would do the same!

So here I am, I shed a lot of my body fat, my friends are very surprised that I stuck to it and they are now asking me for advice about how they can do the same. It was a long and difficult journey, but I got there in end. Being motivated was a big hurdle but one of the most important factors in losing weight.

What are the motivating factors important to losing weight?

After my initial burst of motivation, I found that I was getting ever more motivated by the little things that happen when you start to lose weight. A friend told me that I should keep a diary. I started with writing down my targets and why I wanted to achieve them. If anytime I found things got difficult, I took a look at this and got inspired all over again. In fact, as I got closer to my goal, I started to read these on a daily basis as I found I needed that motivation.

I started writing down my, waist size and BMI on a weekly basis. I recorded my weight almost daily and charted it using this great app called, you guessed it 'Weight Recorder'. But also keep a diary of what you’re doing. Write it all down. When you see the numbers that you want to start seeing, you get an added boost of motivation along the way.

So how did I do it?

I was already quite an active person. I took the dog for a walk twice a day, I do a lot of work in the yard but my job is quite inactive sitting at a desk. My diet wasn’t great, fried foods, lots of sugary snacks, too much beer, and more. So, I decided to start eating healthy to lose weight. The first thing that I thought was I’m doomed to a life of bland food and salad. I soon found out how totally wrong I was! There is some very delicious food that is very healthy for you.

How to lose quick weight? I started eating a lot of grilled fish, lean chicken and beef and found that I now have a love for food, albeit different types of food from what I used to eat.. While I still do have the occasional hamburger, I’ve found that there is a whole world of good food available, even when you’re eating healthy to lose weight.

One of the best pieces of advice I was given was to include a lot of protein in my diet. There are numerous benefits for this, but one of the biggest benefit is that the protein makes you feel fuller for longer. This really helped me to fight the cravings for snacking between meals.

Keep it up, make a life style change and start to find some healthy alternatives to your current diet. There are one thousand and one websites that have lots of delicious ideas for healthy eating online, so go and take a look at some of them.

So to sum it all up for you, make sure that you are motivated to lose weight. Seek out your motivation and don’t worry about what anybody else has to say, go off and give yourself the body you want. Secondly, keep a diary and record your vital stats, weight, waist size, BMI.

Finally, make sure that you eat a healthy diet to lose weight and ensure that you’re getting a lot of protein in your diet. It really doesn’t matter how much protein there is in your diet, you can have as much as you want. This worked for me and I’m sure it’ll give you the start you need too.

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