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Ideas For Dropping Weight After Pregnancy
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Need some ideas to help you drop weight after pregnancy?

Now that you are home with that new life, it is time to think about how to drop some of that weight you gained durning your pregnancy. New mothers are often shocked to discover that once the baby arrives, they don't immediately loose that extra weight and body shape, nor their fitness levels. Trying to drop weight after pregnancy can be something no one wants to think about and I sometimes wonder if it is a hang over from natures way of making sure that new moms don't have to leap up and out to hunt and gather with a new and helpless baby. A bit of extra padding gives us some cushion, if you will forgive the pun, against starving and starving that new life. But somehow Mother Nature hasn't twigged to the fact that this isn't necessary now, we have grocery stores! and that we want to drop that weight after pregnancy. Regardless, of the reason, that bulge is there. Of coruse if you were fit and toned before pregnancy, it is much easier to drop weight after pregnancy, but even so, it takes work and time.

Several changes have occurred to your body during pregnancy and this needs to be reversed so you can drop that weight now you are no longer pregnant, but in a healthy and sustainable way. First you need to consider how best to do this for you and your baby. You can't just diet or avoid fats and carbohydrates because you and your baby, especially if you are breastfeeding, need food and need good, healthy, nutritious food. As a nursing, normal weight mom, you will need 2200-2700 calories. Some sources say 2700 is ideal but in reality more moms get closer to 2200. As a non-nursing mom, you will need as a minimum, 1600 calories. If you are exceptionally active you will need as many as 2000. Fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, lots of water and a good protein source such as low fat chicken, fish ( also full of Omega3's) and legumes, are all key to helping you drop that weight. You will need fat, so make it low fat not no fat.

Exercise is the way to help speed up this process of dropping weight and toning up. Start slowly once you are feeling up to it. This will depend also on if you had a normal delivery or a complicated birth such as a cesarean section. If this was the case, dropthat weight even more slowly and don't strain those stitches, that was major abdominal surgery. Don't lift anything heavier than your baby for 5-6 weeks. Once you are healed you can exercise to drop that weight after pregnancy.

There are lots of ways to gently start that exercise program to drop weight after pregnancy. Some include swimming, some yoga classes, go for the less strenuous types at first, brisk walks, bike rides and some of the equipment at the gym. Avoid straining at first. Many of these exercises can also be done with your baby, walking for example. Babies love water and there are lots of mom and baby fitness classes too, which helps with childcare problems when you are trying to drop weight after pregnancy.

Dropping weight after pregnancy isn't instantly achieved but you can do it with careful diet and exercise. Loosing that baby belly can be fun, healthy and sustainable. Check with your doctor before starting any exercise or diet plan.

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