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Im Doing All The Right Things So Why Cant I Lose Weight?
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Im Doing All The Right Things So Why Cant I Lose Weight?

I feel your frustration! That place where you feel like you have tried everything - eating the right foods, working your socks off with daily exercise routines but your question still is - why cant I lose weight?

The trouble is, we treat weight loss as if it were some exact science without considering our biochemical and human element. It is not just about the food any exercise - if it were, we would all be slim - after all, there is enough information out there telling us what to eat and how much to exercise. So what is going wrong?

It is all about how we are 'being'. Focusing on food and exercise alone takes us further and further away from the person we actually want to be and we end up out of alignment. To explain what I mean, let's take a look at a naturally slim person who doesn't have this battle with their weight and food. How would they 'be' on a day to day basis:

  • Relaxed around food
  • In tune with their body ensuring they eat when they are hungry
  • Hate being overfull so they stop when they feel satisfied
  • They like to move their bodies because it feels good
  • Food is fuel, they enjoy it but only when they need it
  • They eat what they like as long as it's something they love
  • They make friends with their food

Compare this with someone who is on a diet and not getting results. How might they 'be' on a day to day basis?

  • Uptight and anxious because the number on the scale hasn't moved
  • In a state of constant hunger because they have restricted their food so much
  • They worry about how long it is before they eat next so overfill themselves just in case
  • They view exercise as a chore
  • Once they are 'bad' they write off the day and often overeat until they feel nauseous
  • They stick to bland or over-sweet diet foods that never really hit the spot
  • When they eat something they consider a treat, they feel bad or are convinced it will make them fat

Two very different scenarios and of course - not everyone matches the above descriptions exactly but do you get my point? The mindset of a dieter who feels like a failure comes from a place of fear and lack of belief in their ability to succeed and they are totally out of alignment with themselves - so next time you ask yourself 'why cant I lose weight', stop and really take notice of your mindset.

So how can you turn this round? - By taking on some of the traits of the naturally slim and putting yourself back in the driving seat of your body. Focus each day on 'being' how a naturally slim person would be by listening to the natural signals of your body. Enjoying good quality, delicious foods when you are hungry and stopping when you feel satisfied without the guilt, finding exercise that you love and makes you feel good, enjoying your whole life and remembering that life doesn't just revolve around food - all of these things will help you to become more aligned with your body and you are more likely to see the results you desire.

So next time you ask yourself - I'm doing all the right things so why cant I lose weight? make a vow to change your mindset - just a little each day and at each meal and you can learn how to become slim naturally and ditch the diet mentality once and for all.

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