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Is It Possible To Lose 30 Pounds In 2 Months?
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Is it Possible to Lose 30 Pounds In 2 Months?

Lose 30 pounds 2 months? It is possible. It is also possible to lose 30 pounds 3 months, to lose 30 pounds 30 days or lose 50 pounds 2 months. It is simple math. A pound is nothing but 3500 calories. This does not mean cutting 3500 calories per day, but 500 to 750 calories excised from one's daily diet is a good start. Do not eat less than 1200 calories per day without consulting a physician.

Most people do not realize it, but their diet is the main saboteur. We guess at how many calories are in a meal. When that three hundred calories is actually five hundred, the excess is left behind, unburned and ready to thicken the belly, legs and arms. Aim to lose pound day. Tally what one eats. Read the calories on the packaging. Measure food according to serving size.

Look at how most meals appear on a dinner plate. Then compare it to when food is measured. It is obvious how much people overeat. We have a tendency to want to cover a plate. That circle is inviting. There are ways around that large circle. Start by putting those nine and ten-inch plates away. Cut plate size almost in half and invest in a six-inch plate. If six inches is too small, go with eight. Use this plate for meals. Load half of the plate with vegetables. This does not mean butter-laden veggies. Steamed and broiled vegetables, flavored with vinegars and citrus are a delicious alternative. One quarter should be a lean protein and one quarter should be whole grains. Savor the meal. Chew each bite at least twenty times before swallowing. Wait before getting a refill. Most people never allow enough time for food to reach the stomach before going back for seconds and thirds.

If a smaller plate seems too much of a challenge, create smaller meals designed to be eaten throughout the day. The body never goes hungry and this decreases the chances of overeating. One never feels overly full, just satisfied. Losing weight is easier during the first stage. It is important not to get discouraged when the pounds do not drop off as easily as before. This just means it is time to change things up.

Diet alone will not be the key to long-term success. Exercise in combination with diet is the key. No doctor is going to suggest sedentary habits. The body needs to change. Those who are sedentary will find a thirty minute brisk walk benefits health. To increase that benefit, shoot for forty-five minutes at least six days a week. As exercise becomes easier, go for high intensity interval training, better known as HIIT. This involves short bursts of high intensity activity followed by rest and then moderate activity. It is repeated. Anytime the thought of skipping a day occurs, think of the pounds melting away and how one can lose 30 pounds 2 months.

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