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Is Midriff Fat Like The Plague?
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Is midriff fat like the plague? Well I don't guess there is a comparison but are there? The bubonic plague killed hundreds of millions in the early fourteenth century and it surely was a devastating cast-atrophy. It is estimated that the plague killed 75 million Europeans. The estimate of deaths associated with obesity is about 300,000 per year. So having what they call dun-lapped disease is no laughing matter. Lets discuss what detrimental effects midriff fat can have on the health of your body.

Increased midriff fat is linked to health issues such as heart attacks,strokes,higher levels of LDL (Bad Cholesterol),low levels of LDL (Good Cholesterol) and metabolic syndrome. These issues can affect blood pressure and plaque buildup causing heart disease. Obesity which is caused due to bad eating habits is a major cause to cardiovascular diseases and other heart problems.

Metabolic Syndrome is quite common in the United States alone with about fifty million people that have it. Metabolic Syndrome is associated with abdominal obesity or midriff fat and appears to cause high triglycerides,low HDL,and high LDL which causes plaque buildup in artery walls. This syndrome seems to cause high blood pressure,coronary heart disease, insulin resistance which the body can't use the insulin effectively and diabetes.

If you are young you might be thinking that midriff fat is no threat to you but young people die just like old people and young people do die with heart attacks and other health issues. Everyone I know wants to live to an ripe old age so they can enjoy their golden years. We must help our bodies to reach the golden years and so to do this if we have this midriff fat hanging around our abdomen.

Let's Get Rid of it and This is How:

Train the Brain- Develop some Positive attitude where you attack the problem of midriff fat knowing that you can conquer this problem and yes you are going to defeat this issue that is trying to kill you. Determination that will make you outlast this weight problem and sacrifice which means you will do what it will take to win this battle.

Find a Good Diet Program- that will incorporate life changing techniques on what to eat, how many times to eat,how much to eat and learn what foods will help your metabolic system kick into calorie burning mode.

Support System- Make sure that the program has a active forum where there is always help when you need it..

Is midriff fat like the plague? More people have died from the Bubonic plague but there has already been too many have died from obesity and midriff fat as we have already found out. Let's get serious about this problem and it is a major problem. But if we make our mind up we can eliminate this midriff fat problem. Yes we will have to change our lifestyle by getting active within our limits of course and our eating habits but we don't have to starve.

Street Talk

Hey Gene, great info. In my 50's now and this is a daily battle for me.

  about 9 years ago
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