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Jogging And Weight Loss
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We can talk about running, how fast, how far, the runners high and the tremendous satisfaction gained from it. BUT—like all things – there is a beginning. And that is what we are going to talk about--- jogging--- and how to lose weight jogging. The many benefits are similar to running: weight loss and control, reduced anxiety, a general feeling of well being and self control.

How to lose weight jogging---what is jogging? When does walking become jogging and when does jogging become running? Our discussion is going to be based on shared personal experiences and results. The question on what is jogging would probably draw a number of different responses depending on the commentators . The established runner might have a higher standard than the beginner because of the difference in abilities. Any individual exercise program is going should be designed for the individual and there should be some measurement ability to see progress. How to lose weight jogging can be measured with the scale and will be a natural result with a smart program. On more defined terms, running might be suggested to be under a nine minute mile while jogging to be over such a time, this is my subjective observation. It also might be best measured in physical exertion—heart/pulse rate during the run and the time needed in the easing of these rates upon completion of the activity.

There is room for discussion-- for this article, the exact definitions is going to remain fungible. We are going to talk of individual abilities, because we believe all can participate at some level and gain the benefit of losing weight jogging. So here-- we are going to look at jogging, as moving forward at a faster pace than normal walking while scheduling three or four workouts per week. This effort will begin to lay the basis for your physical platform that will return significant benefits for body and mind.

Getting started –always have the proper foot wear—in a previous discussion posted on this site we show a simple method for the selection of good sneakers based on your foot structure. Then determine your program—minimum of three days a week—length of course and type. A high school track is a good course as they are generally a quarter mile—providing a measurement for progress, lost weight jogging will also be a significant measurement. You may also want to find an attractive foot path, if you don’t know the distance -you time it for progress- this also provides variety for your workouts. You should make a mental determination not to rush or over do your workouts; this is a killer for so many when beginning. Approach the program with a patient reminder, that all things worthwhile take time and effort and will be rewarded for persistence. Losing weight jogging is a natural and need not be hurried. Once you have established a program with a repeated effort, it will become a part of your life that you will look forward to enjoying.

Losing weight with jogging is a major benefit, especially with the older more sedate crowd. It is an activity most can participate in and see progress quickly. You can go out jogging at any time, all you need is pair of sneakers and out the door, of course with the appropriate clothing, and I don’t endorse streaking. You can jog alone or with organized groups, it as much a social activity, meeting new friends and business contacts, as it is an exercise program.

Now is a great time to get started—not tomorrow—today, get your proper shoes, check out the high school tracks nearest you and begin planning your routine and jogging to lose weight. Plan with determination i.e.: a quarter mile jog three times a week or half mile, which ever fits into your comfort zone. Don’t kill your efforts with initial over enthusiasm and work; make mental commitments with long term planning. Commitment and participation and you will lose weight jogging, a wonderful experience of physical wellness, and more personal control.

Jogging and weight loss: that is only one of the benefits you will receive. Others are: lower blood pressure, less anxiety and increased breathing capability-- the last will be obvious during the football season when cheering will no longer be an exertion. New friends, business contacts and opportunities—you will be amazed at how you lose weight jogging and feel great.

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