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Journal Weight Loss: How To Achieve Your New Years Resolution!
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Journal Weight Loss: How to Achieve Your New Years Resolution!

Well, we have almost reached that time of year again when everyone is focusing on what New Year’s resolutions they will make: stop smoking, find a job, pay off debt, volunteer, drink less, get organized, and the one that every one has each year, eat healthier and lose weight. Unfortunately, most with a desire to lose weight will follow some fad, quick fix, diet. Most won’t be able to handle the unrealistic demands of the diet and be done by January’s end. The best way to keep yourself on track is to be realistic about how you are losing the weight, and journal weight loss progress.

The other problem people have with New Year’s resolutions is that they try to accomplish too much at one time. Can you imagine trying to quit smoking, drink less, and lose weight, all because you made a decision to start the New Year fresh, and finally fix all these issues. What an ingredient for failure! The best way to have any success at all is to choose the most important resolution you want to suceed at, and start on that. Make a plan, make small changes at first, make some progress, and journal weight loss to keep track of your progress.

A good journal weight loss technique is to write down what you want to accomplish each week with your weight loss plan. For example, you could write “this week I am going to lose two pounds by eating five healthy meals each day, I am going to exercise four days this week for thirty minutes, I will do 3 sets of ten push ups each day, and not weigh myself till next week.”

And then break down each of the goals into how you will accomplish each one. If you journal weight loss in this manner, you will have a plan for each week, and at the end of each week you can then journal your weight loss success. If you follow your journal plan, and it’s a good plan, then you will be successful!

I want to caution you on setting unrealistic goals and adhering to strictly to numbers. The scale is one tool you can use as a measure of your fitness success. If you journal weight loss of a certain value, and after a few weeks you are not where you should be according to the number you set in your mind, it might cause you to stumble, or even quit.

What if after a month you had only lost a few pounds, but your clothes felt noticeably loser. Wouldn’t that be success? Perhaps you lost eight pounds of fat and put on six pounds of muscle. Muscle takes up less space, hence you got physically smaller, and stronger. But the scale won’t tell you that. Don’t chase the number on the scale.

Also, use calories as a guide. Don’t go overboard with weighing and measuring. You will drive yourself crazy and make the task even harder. A medium apple means just that, not the biggest one you can find and not the smallest. Just follow a good healthy weight loss plan as best you can and keep at it! Journal weight loss and you will see results! You will be able to look back after a few months and see how far you have come.

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