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Learn How To Burn Belly Fat Fast
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Learn How To Burn Belly Fat Fast

So you didn't think that learning how to burn belly fat fast was applicable to you?

A few days ago my daughter forwarded to me an article that describes a startling new medical finding related to being overweight.

I am so glad that without planning to, weight control, and let’s call it by what it is, burning belly fat, because it’s the most stubborn, and the most dangerous, has become a true passion for me.

The article I’m referring to describes how recent medical research has proven that if you are overweight as you mature into a senior citizen, you are likely to experience damage to the tiny blood vessels that lets blood flow through your brain.

The alarming thing is that the rupturing of these blood vessels will cause a deterioration of the brain, and results in the onset of deceases like Alzheimer’s, which as you may know is basically the loss (death) of brain cells.

The lost brain cells cause loss of memory and a host of other unpleasant conditions when your brain is deteriorating.

On the positive side, the study also showed that getting rid of the flab, of the excess weight you have will prevent the onset of this dreaded decease.

Another way to slow down, or even to prevent the onset of Alzheimer’s is to maintain your brain as active as possible, though social interacting, through volunteer work, or any other activity you like that keeps your brain revved up.

Another desirable, do I dare say necessary ingredient is regular exercise. This exercise should be enough to tax your muscles, work your heart and lungs to the max that your doctor recommends. Don’t go hog-wild and end up hurting yourself.

I am keenly interested in this issue because the marching of time is not making me any younger, and because, at my doctors’ admonition, I lost 75-80 pounds about seven years ago, and I have kept my new desired since that time.

Holidays come and go, and while everybody’s dreading the extra weight they will pick up, it doesn’t bother me one bit. I know that I will put on 3-4 pounds during that time, but I also know that I will get on my special eating plan and be back to my new normal weight in a couple of weeks.

After reading that article, I am more than ever committed to maintaining a healthy, slim body. I don’t want to bring on Alzheimer’s and screw up not only my life, but also the lives of my immediate family who would have to deal with the burden of caring for an Alzheimer’s patient.

That situation would not be fair to any of them. I probably wouldn’t care because I wouldn't even recognize them. That’s a dreadful thought, and I will not let that happen just because I can’t push myself away from the table.

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  about 1 decade ago

So true, if we dont have our health, every thing else suffers. Good read, thanks.

  about 1 decade ago
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