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Living A Balanced Physically And Mentally Healthy Life - Style
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Overweight is a serious and stubborn disease which affects humankind world wide. It is not only a physical disease caused by bad or unregulated eating habits, like having too much fatty foods and lack of exercises, but it also affects the mind making one feel ugly, worthless, sick and defeated.

In this article I want to discuss the effectiveness of jogging regularly as a physical exercise to maintain bodily fitness, sound health and mental wellbeing.


It is important that people (young and old) maintain a balanced life-style between the sedentary, indoor and mentally exerting office work on one hand, and the refreshing outdoor physical activities on the other hand.

Among many ways that people use to reduce weight, physical exercises are the most popular. It is common place to see many people of various ages jogging, walking fast or cycling in the streets very early in the morning, while the air is still fresh of traffic air polution.


Obesity is caused by a bad habit of overeating or the choice of fatty foods, which eventually results in the accummulation of fat lining the blood vessels, thus stifling the blood circulation in the human body. This causes heart diseases. But regular physical exercises get the heart to pump blood forcefully through the veins to rid them of fat particles, and in that process enable a sufficient supply of oxygen in the human body.


There is much more happening in the human body during the jogging than the mere feeding of the body with oxygen, or the cleansing of the bodily soot by sweating. During springtime and summer, the jogger experiences the gorgeous light of sunrise, a full bloom of vegetation, the inhaling of the herbs and flower scents along the road and the chirping of the early birds. All these experiences put together edify the human mind and body, and give the runner joy and satisfaction.


For a worthwhile and enjoyable run it is important that the runner is thoroughly prepared and clad in a proper outfit. The first step is to lubricate and rub with proper ointment or vasceline all the joints of the feet, the ankles, the knees, the side hips the vertebrae, the neck joint with the skull, the shoulder sockets, the arms and hands. Next step is to massage thoroughly the muscles sinews and tendons on the back and fronts of thighs and the legs and the arms with appropriate ointment or vasceline. Then a preliminary light excercise and stretching for twenty or twenty-five minutes are necessary to render the whole body pliable for running.

It is equally important to be properly clad for jogging, from the fitting sizes of running comfortable shoes, the short or long pants, up to the running t-shirts. Sports shops have a good variety of material, and they provide good advice on the proper outfit for jogging. Then a runner needs sufficient intake of water before and during the run. So, a small kid back may be necessary for a distant run. Finally, a medical kit is also needed in case of muscle cramps or unforeseen bodily scratches or bleeding during the run.

While in th is article I have shown that jogging itself as a physical exercise requires determination and effort, on the whole, the jogger needs always to run at his/her own pace, to enjoy it and make it a lot of fun.

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