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Lose Leg Fat Celebrities Lose Weight
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Looking to see how the celebs lose leg fat and fight cellulite. In this article i will be sharing with you on how 3 celebs fight it. First off all though can I just say, that it takes determination and motivation to lose leg fat. If you have a plan in place. Stick to it. You will start seeing those results you want to see after a month. Quick tip. Try keep your salt intake to less the 3g a day.

Anyway lets move on to how the celebrities do it starting off with

Rihanna: Rihanna is one sexy lady and this is how she fights it. Rihanna 23 says: I do weights but i don't want my legs to bulk up. So i also do cardio too. I try to workout every single day when possible. For me cardio is the key. Going for a run or a run on the treadmill is a massive help. My advice is to find something you love doing. It could be dancing or swimming, because doing something you love helps you to stick to it.

Supermodel Ella Macpherson is still in fab shape at the age of 48 currently hosting Britians Next top model Ella says: I have to do alot more to maintain my shape at my age of 48. I definitively have to start working on my legs. I do Bikram and kundalini yoga. Or i will go for a run in the park as cardio is good.

Lose leg fat doesn't have to be a chore. If you are determined to Lose leg fat then you need to stick at it. Join your local Gym. If you don't quite like the sound of the gym. Either go for a run by the river, or you could buy a treadmill for your front room. Even during commercial breaks during your favorite TV shows. Why not do a few squats instead of going to the fridge and getting your favorite snack.

Moving onto our last Celebrity who is the gorgeous Cameron Diaz. Cameron 38 says: I love to do surfing. I also do some hiking and snowboarding to keep in shape. I also like to play a bit of golf as this gives me the opportunity to walk along those lovely green courses. I take every chance to stay active.

So this is how some of the celebrity's stay in tip top shape. I will maybe do another article on how celebs fight the fat

Hope you enjoyed

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