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Drink Water And Limit Carbs To Lose Lower Belly Fat
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To lose lower belly fat, you need to exercise as well as examine the types of foods you are eating. Many people don’t realize that their diet is halting their efforts to lose weight and weight in the belly area specifically.

Carbohydrates are a necessity and are used by the body as fuel when you participate in activities that require a lot of energy. Simple carbohydrates raise the blood sugar levels quickly so that they can be used to fuel the body in times of physical exertion. When they are eaten without activity, they are converted to fat and stored for later use.

The more of these simple carbs that you eat without physical exertion to burn them off, the more weight you are going to gain. Over time, repeating this process leads to a buildup of fat stores that become increasingly difficult to get rid of. The belly area is one of the key areas where this fat is stored, leading to the unattractive spare tire effect.

If you want to lose lower belly fat, you’ll need to alter your diet by eating complex carbohydrates and higher levels of protein while incorporating a high cardio workout to kick your metabolism into high gear. This coupled with targeted exercises for your belly, will get your abs in good shape while burning the fat that’s covering them up.

How do you know if a carbohydrate is a simple one? Anything that has a lot of starch or sugar is going to be a simple carbohydrate. White bread, potatoes, and white rice are just a few examples of simple carb foods that most people might not have thought of as being dangerous to a diet. The obvious choices such as candy, cakes and cookies are often eaten in moderation while rice and potatoes are frequently indulged upon. This mindset often prevents people from achieving their weight loss goals. A good rule of thumb is to eat like a diabetic to reduce the amount of sugar or high starch foods consumed each day.

Water retention can also play a role in the appearance of a swollen belly. If you aren’t drinking enough fluids, the body will hold onto what fluid you have in an effort to maintain blood volume. The body is made up of about 75% water and you must replenish this on a daily basis to be in top form. This shouldn’t be done with sodas, coffee or tea. Drinks with caffeine actually work as a diuretic and flush even more fluids from the body.

To lose lower belly fat, watch what you eat and maintain an overall fitness program with emphasis on your belly. This combined approach will not only target your belly, but also contribute to your overall health.

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