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Lose Tummy Fat Fast
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Lose Tummy Fat Fast

Is it possible to 'Lose Tummy Fat Fast'?

How Long is 'Fast'? Anything we do is a process which takes time and knowledge.

How do we go about doing this?

We need to research ,borrow ideas, find a proven system that actually works - How do we know whether this system will work or not.Good question, well we just won't know whether it will work or not until we actually research a weight loss system and apply it's teachings.

We want a specific system that gives an understanding to why or how we gained the weight we have in the first place, and what we must or mustn't do in trying to lose tummy fat fast.

Words like metabolism, nutrition, vitamins, supplements, protein, carbohydrates, Amino Acids,Glysemic Index, insulin, hormones.These are words or phrases that we have heard about but don't have a basic understanding of the purpose or functionality and the impact they have on our daily lives.

Are we eating correctly? What foods should we eat, avoid and why?

How does one implement a diet and what exercises are needed to burn fat.

Some reports suggest that too much cardio can in fact have a negative or no impact in trying to lose tummy fat fast.Surely if we are actively involved in the Gym, or we are out and about running a few miles - this would literally shred the pounds off ones belly or waistline? Well surprisingly it all boils down to 80% Nutrition an 20% Physical.

Excessive cardio with a combination of a low calorie diet will catabolize (shrink) the muscle.When you starve your body of calories and nutrients, a stress hormone is released which attacks muscle tissue in order to get energy.This is why marathon runners are so skinny.

Therefor the key ingredient or formula that needs to be applied in order to lose tummy fat fast, can be summed up from these 7 points.

1.Body Fat - We need to understand why we have it and the reason why we may have it in excess.

2.Control your Body's Hormones - Our Body has about 30 different types of hormones.Only a few of these are involved in the fat gain or fat loss process. An Example would be Insulin.

Insulin does the following - stores fat, lowers blood sugar levels and are triggered by carbohydrates.Too little insulin, we would die.Too much, we become obese.

3.Create a Meal Plan - To lose tummy fat fast , You need to feed your muscle the right Types of food, In the right Quantity, at the right Time.

4.Boost your Metabolism - Eg. Combine a High Protein Diet With a Resistance Training Program in order to help lose tummy fat fast.

5.Detoxing Your Body - Simply keeping your liver clean will help you lose tummy fat fast.When your liver is in a toxic state, your body creates nasty metabolites that the liver can't break down.Drinking lots of water (3-4 liters) daily, will help flush the toxins out of your system.

6.Power of Belief - Believing in yourself and maintaining a positive attitude helps one stick to the process of trying to lose tummy fat fast. If you have positive feelings towards exercise, you will want to exercise more.

7.Creating a Proper Fat Burning Exercise plan - By implementing these three steps, i)Warm-up, ii) Cardio, iii) Resistance training, into a Gym plan, will aid the process of fat burning and help one lose tummy fat fast.

Street Talk

Hi Colin, just saw this non invasive laser tummy-fat removal surgery technique on tv. There was a testimonial from a lady who said she exercises avidly but just wasn't able to shake the belly fat. Do you have any views on this as a last resort?

  about 9 years ago
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