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Lose Tummy Fat Fast, Macro - Nutrients
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Lose Tummy Fat Fast, Macro  -  nutrients

How can we lose tummy fat fast?

Eating the right types of foods, at the right times, and in the right quantity , applied in sync with a correct cardio workout, will burn unwanted body fat and help you lose tummy fat fast and effectively.

Macro-Nutrients: a key denominator for the right types of foods that consist of the following:

Protein - Comprised of Amino Acids, which is classed as the building blocks of protein.There are 21 different amino acids that make up protein.The body produces 12 non essential amino acids and the remaining 9 are essential amino acids that are not produced by the body and are required from food source.

The main function of protein, is for growth and repair of body tissue (muscles, ligaments, tendons, nails and hair). When working out in the gym, you tear down the muscle cells and it is important to consume protein from food source directly after each workout.Another added benefit when trying to lose tummy fat fast.

Insulin, a hormonal protein (fat storing), regulates the glucose metabolism by controlling the blood sugar concentration.

Carbohydrates - It's main function is to provides the body with energy.

Carbohydrates are digested and broken down by the body and then converted into Glucose (blood sugar), which in turn is used or stored as energy.

We can classify carbohydrates as Simple and Complex.

Simple Carbohydrates (sugars), examples include table sugar or fruit sugars.Simple sugars (sucrose) are converted easily and quickly in the body into glucose and converted into energy.This causes our blood level sugars to rise rapidly and then drop suddenly when the energy is consumed.

Complex Carbohydrates (starchy and green fibrous), examples include whole grains, cereals, bread, pasta and vegetables.These complex carbohydrates take longer to break down due to it's complex molecule structure.This leads to a slower release of energy as and when the body requires it.

Glucose is stored in our muscles and liver as glycogen.Any excess glucose that cannot be stored is converted into fat.

Dietary Fat - Dietary fat plays an important part for our overall health and well-being, in trying to lose tummy fat fast.

Types of dietary fat sources:

Polyunsaturated Fat- helps lower blood cholesterol levels and can be found in Nuts, Sunflower, Sesame Oil and Omega 3 oils.

Omega 3's - known as Essential Fatty Acids, are important in lowering blood fats (blood triglycerides)examples include: tuna, salmon, trout, sardines, flax seeds.

Mono-unsaturated Fats- help lower blood cholesterol levels and are found in, Olive and Peanut Oils.

Saturated Fats - Red meat, butter, milk, cream, and cheese, must be eaten in moderation as they increase blood cholesterol levels.

Trans Fats - found in ice-creams, crisps or chips (packaged), dough-nuts, cookies or biscuits, crackers, pies, soft drinks.

These fats are used to preserve the shelf life of processed products, that contributes to Heart Disease and weight gain, preventing people from trying to lose tummy fat fast.

Right Time - The core of Breakfast ,Lunch and Supper should be spread out into smaller meals of 5 - 6 meals throughout the day and at this rate, you would be eating a smaller meal every 3 hours which will ensure your metabolism and hormones are optimized when trying to lose tummy fat fast.

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