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Lose Weight For Better Sex?
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Lose Weight for Better Sex?

Everyone knows that you feel better when you are closer to your normal weight. You breathe more easily, you move without aches and pains. But, according to a study published in the journal of Sexual Medicine, even a small weight loss for obese men with Type 2 Diabetes can mean better erectile function, increased sexual desire and even lowered urinary tract symptoms.

Gary Wittert, the study’s author, is associated with the University of Adelaide. His study looked at 31 obese men, all with Type 2 Diabetes, following them for a period of eight weeks. Part of the group were asked to follow a low calorie diet, using a meal replacement shake for one of their meals each day. The other group of men were asked to follow a low fat, high protein, low calorie diet as well. Both plans had the men cutting just over 600 calories each day.

Both groups of men had modest weight loss, which was enough to see some of the sexually related benefits. Even though the men lost around 5% of their excess weight, they rapidly reversed the problems they had achieving and/or maintaining erections as well as some of their urinary issues that had been plaguing them. Improvements came in those first eight weeks and continued for a full year after the study was completed.

But, obese men who had sought weight loss via gastric lap band surgery did not see the same results . While women who lost weight via gastric lap band or other surgery options did see improvements in their sexual desire as well as their urinary function and health, men who had the exact same surgery did not. Many men, in fact have reported having even more problem with their urinary symptoms as well as worsening erectile issues.

Researchers are currently working on explaining why the nonsurgical weight loss option works well, even though it is slower than the surgery. Diabetes, one of the most common chronic conditions that is frequently caused by obesity, impacts the vascular system and also increases the risk for urinary tract infections, blockages and other problems related to the urinary system. Doctors assumed that faster weight loss would mean a faster alleviation of these symptoms and problems, but that is not the case.

It is estimated that nearly 80% of the men who come to the doctor with some form of erectile dysfunction are either overweight or obese. But, doctors also say that for every man who will come to the doctor for assistance, there are two to three that are suffering in silence.

Obese men are also hit by a lowered production of testosterone- caused because the endocrine system is stressed by the excess weight as well as the lack of movement. these men are also beset by problems with an increased amount of estrogen in their body- secreted by their own fat cells. This increase of the female hormone, estrogen as well as the decrease of testosterone may impact the sexual health as well.

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