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Lose Weight In 2012: How To Finally Lose Weight In 2012
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You may be one of those who have been desperately trying to shed those excess pounds/kilos for many months or maybe even years. Well let's make 2012 the year that really happens, the year you lose all your surplus weight and become the fit healthy person your are meant to be. So how are you going to make that happen now, when after all your efforts it's never happened before. By making a plan, that's how.

For some reason the majority of people have an aversion to setting goals. They have an even greater aversion to writing all those goals down in a notebook. Why is that do you think? Generally speaking it is because the person in question is not totally, one hundred percent, committed to the goals they are planning. It sounds great to say you are going to do this or that but strange as it may sound, once those goals are written on paper they take on a whole new meaning.

To have written goals that you can check back on weekly, monthly or even in one years time is a major contributing factor as to why some folk reach their goal while others do not. Don't be one of those who fall into the latter category this year as with this one little tweak it can be the differnce between winning and losing. So here you are having committed to your 2012 goal to losing weight, how do you begin?

A great idea that people have found useful is to create a diet plan which can involve the following:

  • Check out your pantry weekly to make certain nothing has crept in that can sabotage your efforts.
  • Be especially careful when doing any grocery shopping. Remember the traps in the aisles selling crisps and icecream and other snack foods. Try to avoid these aisles at all cost.
  • Write up a meal planner, good idea to do this before shopping. If you are aware of exactly what you intend eating at each meal seven days per week it is easier to stay on track. It can also be helpful in curbing those cravings.
  • Schedule time for exercise daily. If you think you'll do it 'sometime' during the day it won't get done.
  • Work out a small exercise routine such as doing a thirty minute walk before breakfast.
  • Scheduling time for weights or kettlebells, both of these are essential for boosting your metabolism.
  • Get at least eight hours sleep per night. It has been proven that dieters who slept a good eight hours each night lost more weight than those who cut back in this area.

It is really not that difficult to commit pen to paper and once those goals are there you will be far more likely to achieve your desired results. So remember the basics, write down goals, exercise daily and that includes thirty minutes cardio to get up your heart rate plus kettlebells or weights. Finally, don't forget to check you are following a suitable eating plan and not being fooled by using one of the crash diets so readily avaliable. That also applies to any diet plans that say they will provide your food as by doing that you will not learn how to eat correctly for your body.

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