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Here are some helpful tip on getting stated on losing weight. A lot of people cut themselves shot of a few of the most important parts of working out. It all about making a plan and most important sticking to it, witch is were most people go wrong. You got to know the who, what, when, were and hows of working out.

First you got to get a good meal plan. To do this you need to know how many calories, protein, and fiber to take in every day. A lot of people start out jumping in to a work out and never think a bout there diet. You have to feed your body the right nutrition to transform. Taking a multivitamin will help give your body some of the things it needs, but your food intake plays a bigger roll in your bodies nutrition.

morning: eat protein(eggs,peanut butter, nuts etc.) WATER

fiber (oat meal, or any other grans) and fruit. WATER

mid morning: have a snack ( protein shake or a protein bar) WATER

noon: protein (beans, nuts, lean meat) with a cup of mixed vegetables. WATER

afternoon:have a snack. WATER

night: protein (beans, nuts, lean meat) with a cup of mixed vegetables. WATER

Always drink water. Your body needs it. And water don't have all that junk in it like sports drinks, soda, etc. No matter what you do you still need water. You have to stay hydrated.

Remember to keep your portion size small. If you eat ten pound of food it will only multiply you body weight. Doing this will help you train your body to burn more fat. Its like putting gas in your car, it only goes so far before it runs out of gas, right. Food is fuel for your body.

Working out and eating right go hand in hand. You need to work off the fat that your body stored up over the time you didn't eat right or workout. The best way to workout is.

cardio: start out with 30 min.(walking, jump rope, jumping jacks, etc.) any thing to get your heart rate up.Any thing over 30 min. burns calories. Your not going to be able to run a marathon,when you never left the couch. Its not going to happen. It takes time to get there, everyone started from the bottom at first. So don't get discourage when your out walking and someone runs right past you. I know they make it look so easy. You got to keep your head up and tell your self you can get there to.

Now that your eating right and burning some calories. You need to work on toning. People lose weight but it just don't feel tone or tight. So its time to work on your muscles. If you want to just tone or build up some massive ripped arms, legs, and get that 6 pack. Remember you can't work out like a body builder. Like i said before everyone stated some were.

1 SET WITH 5-10 REPS 3days a week

arms and chest: push ups or bench press works all parts well.

legs: squats, lunges, calf rises,etc.

core: plants, sit ups , side binds, etc.use a Swiss ball or a bench

When your working your core this is were you are going to lose that belly fat. everyone want to get ride of that belly fat first. When your doing any type of work out (arms,legs, cardio,etc.) you are working off that belly fat. As soon as you change the way you eat. You will see that your belly fat is getting smaller. You can even work your core by just holding in your gut when walking around were ever. When working out it is a good idle to hold your gut in to help with building up your core, and helping you keep good form. My favorite way to work my core is using the Swiss ball, sit on the ball as if you are sitting on a chair. Then proceed to a situp and repeat til it burns.But don't push it too far. There are a lot of things out there to help you lose your belly fat. You will have to find what works for you.

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  about 1 decade ago
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