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So on a quest to lose weight aye. Looking for some lose weight tips, well hopefully i can help you out here and give you those lose weight tips you are looking for.

Ok losing weight doesn't have to be a bore. But the key to anything in life espically when it comes to losing weight is to have motivation and to keep it. Are you serious about losing weight? Ask yourself simple questions like, Can i afford to join a gym? Will i stop myself from craving foods like chocolate and greasy chips? Do i have the determination to lose this unwanted fat. Good now for some tips.

If your going to lose weight, you need a plan, for example maybe keep a diary for keeping record of meals you have had. What exercises you have undertaken in that day. Keeping a dairy will also keep you motivated to do more so give it a try.

Take a jog or a walk every day for at least 30 minutes. Why not just take a stroll by the river or even a jog in your local park. Get your ipod and stick in your headphones. Its important to increase your levels of activity. Sitting down watching your Favorited TV show all day is not going to help you lose weight. Even if you do sit and watch your tv shows, why not during the commercial break get up and do a few exercises. For example walking up and down a flight of stairs or doing some sit ups

Eat fruit and Veg

You know what they say 5 a day is good for you. Heres how you can fit in that 5 a day

Drink a glass of juice be it apple or orange at breakfats

Have an orange before lunchtime

Have a piece of cucumber as part of your lunch

Eat an apple for the afternoon

Have some cauliflower or broccoli with dinner.

Simples fit that in and you will start to feel the difference.

Drink lots of water

Yes drinking lots of water helps because it hydrates you and keeps you from being dehydrated. Being dehydrated whilst exercising is not good for you at all. Obviously you don't need to drink something like 4 liters. 2 glasses is ok. Just make sure you drink some whilst exercises.

Another lose weight tips that is good is to go swimming. Swimming is probably the best exercise possible. This is because you use most of the muscles in your body. So go down to your local pool and have a good hours swim.

Last lose weight tips i can give is to do something enjoyable. If you like sports, join some sort of sports team. Maybe you like to dance, why not join a dance class.

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