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Lose Weight Without Trying!
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Lose Weight Without Trying!

Ever wonder how some women eat anything they want and stay so thin? Or imagine slender people spend grueling hours working out and starving themselves? What seems so unfair is in most cases a lifestyle choice. It's not dumb luck or hard work and you can learn to do what they do.

Lose Weight Without Trying

Thin people in most cases have faster metabolisms for a variety of reasons. Some are genetic but quite a few are within your control and easy to create for yourself. Let's talk about the major ones:

Muscle Burns More Calories. And how do you get that muscle mass? Yes, you can do a lot of weight training. Even light dumbbells twice a week will make a big difference in your strength and bone mass.

But what you eat can make a big difference in muscle mass even if you spend all day at a desk. Protein and fat build muscle; refined carbs and sugars break it down. A "low-fat" diet is likely to make you look heavier even if you actually get lighter.

Plus some forms of protein consume almost as manymeta calories to digest than they provide in food energy. The most notable of these are hard-boiled eggs which also provide the most biologically complete protein of any food and help you lose weight without trying. Fish, chicken and lean meats are close in metabolic effect, explaining the success of diets like the Atkins and South Beach programs.

Low carb green vegetables are next on the metabolic chain. But be very careful with high carb foods, especially refined grains and sugar.

Your Body Has a Thermostat. And it needs to burn enough calories to keep you at 98.6 no matter what you do or don't eat. So you can trick your metabolism by drinking cold beverages. A glass of water with ice and lemon is perfect. Iced tea will help you lose weight without trying, hot coffee is the opposite.

But beware "diet" sodas. The neurotoxins in the artificial sweeteners, aspartame and Splenda in particular, confuse your brain, create a craving for carbohydrate and paradoxically lead to weight gain.

Fidgeting. Thin people typically burn more calories per pound per hour than heavier people. They often are more active doing "nothing." They don't sit still, jump up to check on things and are always tidying up, running upstairs to get something, using hand gestures and generally expending lots of energy.

You, too, can learn to do this. Try being more "inefficient" in the kitchen or supermarket. Instead of pushing your cart around slowly and collecting all the healthy protein and veggies, leave it in one place and run back and forth from aisle to aisle.

Sleep. It's counter-intuitive but your body needs sleep and if it doesn't get enough there is a high stress reaction that adds pounds. Going to bed an hour earlier can take off ten pounds over a year.

Lose weight without trying by adding hard-boiled eggs, using even 5-pound dumbbells twice a week, switching to cold calorie-free beverages like water and iced tea, fidgeting during the day and sleeping soundly at night.

Sweet dreams!

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I really like those tips Jane, thanks for the good read :)

  about 9 years ago

Great article! I have lost over 35 pounds in the last year and a half doing most of these things. I eat a healthier diet and snack less. But, I don't "diet" and I eat whatever I want. It's easy, with the right perspective!

  about 9 years ago
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