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Lose Weight - Your Image Is Important
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Image, image, image, that is what is so important to everyone, that is what we all seem to be concerned with. This is only natural, after all, the image that we present to others determines or helps to determine their opinion of us.

If you are obese, or overweight, most people, some even unintentionally will have a less than good opinion of you. People are much too quick to judge others based on their appearance. As long as you are clean, and properly dressed, your size, whether you are skinny, perfect, or overweight, should not have any bearing on the way that others feel about you.

Now, if you go for a job interview, and you show a poor attitude, are rude or arrogant, this is not going to make a good impression, just the opposite. But if you are courteous, nice, and fairly educated, this should give a very good impression.

The only problem is, that no matter how well you dress, or how courteous and nice that you are, if you are obese, people will still form a bad impression about you. At least it has been found that this is the norm.

This is not fair to you, but then who ever said that life was fair. You may be the best worker that any one could ever hope for. You could be dependable, honest, and have more knowledge about the position that you are applying for than the person who would be your boss has, but they have that negative attitude that they don't want a fat person working for them.

Is this discrimination? Yes, it definitely is, but how are you going to prove it? You can't, so go on about your business, eventually some one will have the intelligence to see through any weight issue, and realize that they are gaining a fantastic employee.

Meanwhile, you can find yourself the diet that works for you, and lose the pounds that you have been wanting to get rid of any way. In fact, you will feel much better when you do lose them. Not only will you feel better, and be more healthy, you will be able to wear clothes that you have been longing to be able to wear for a long time.

Manufacturers don't really seem to make nice or cute clothing for plus or large sizes. You have just as much right to have cute clothes as anyone else does, but they just don't seem to be available. Once you lose weight, you won't have this problem any more.

When you lose weight, you will also be doing more outdoor activities. If you're not already walking, then you may want to start walking, or hiking with friends, go swimming or camping out. You will feel like doing so much more when you lose weight, because you will have energy that you didn't realize that you had been missing.

Life can be fun, so lose weight and start living life to it's fullest.

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