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First I will start with how I gained such insights in the fitness world. After I had my son, I weighed 210 lbs. I've lost 90 lbs and at the healthy weight 120 . Lucky for you all the mistakes I've made will benefit you. I think I've been there and done it all, when it comes to diets and fitness dvd's,diets and different types of "working out". It all sounds good in theory. However, along with what ever program has to come some intricate know how. In order to get fast results from any diet or exersise is consistency.

The key to weight loss success is finding what you like,and realistically what you can do. First thing first you have to have the self motivation that one needs to get up off the couch and do something about what is making them unhappy.

Next you have to decide what you can and will do on a regular basis. Did you want to check out those spin classes that everyone raves about? Mabey pilates is your cup of tea?I know I love them both. The next question you have to ask yourself is are you going to join a gym or get yourself the at home equiptment?I will explain the benefits of both, along with other boosters to get the maximum results for your efforts.

The benefits of going to the gym are abundant. Most health clubs include an array of classes to take free of charge. This gives you that opportunity to check out something you've never done before. One of my personal favorites is spinning. In a spin class you can burn anywhere from 500-1500 calories in sixty min. That should get a good jump on your calorie deficit.

The trick is cross training , cardio and resistance training. The gym is really the best place for varity of activities to prevent plateau or bordom in your fitness acheivments. This really fires things up . Other reasons going to the gym is a good idea is there is a distinct gym vibe. I find it's very motivating ,that could be an extra little push of motivation for you too, if you let it.

The other way you could go is home equiptment. There's thousands of workout dvd's,games for wii or k'nect, home gyms and other equiptment.Mabey you dont have time for the gym. That the case with a lot of people . However everyone can find 60 minutes somewhere in their day(morning is best). This is a great way to avoid scrutney that sometimes comes with going to the gym.

With these programs I suggest that you follow the plan to the tee. Such as the suppliments or meal plans. Which brings me to the ultimate benefit of the home equiptment is most of the home work out collections come with sensible meal guides. Together these two componets are deadly. You will see very fast results. I'll explain how.

Your meal plan is your most valuable asset to losing weight fast. There are so many varieties depending on what you like and what your needs are you can chose from. Simple plans like shakes and meal bars. You could also go the more sophisticated route and try the pre packaged meals. These plans are a little more expensive but they include all meals ,snacks and desserts. It's most beneficial to eat small meals every two to three hours. This boosts your resting metabolic rate(how many calories you burn at rest). This also take the food portion problem all together. If you can get the right meal plan and the right workout plan this combo will double your results for all you're efforts.

The bottom line is any workout plan completed with diet and your commitment will show you results. Now when it comes to seeing results don't be hasty. You will not see any significant results for at least three weeks. My advice for this is take your beginning weight and measurements, and PUT THEM AWAY! I cant stress that enough. There is nothing more discouraging than watching inching results. specially if your working as hard as you should be.

The thing to do is work as hard as you can for those three weeks ,then look at your measurments. Don't pay so much attention to scale at this point.You will start to see drastic results around weeks six to eight. this whole process ,depending on how significant your weight can take a while. Like I said earlier though,with excersise cross training and the meal plans you should lose about three to four pounds a week. Pretty cool hunh?

When you chose to lose weight you have to do it your own way. When you feel comfortable in your surroundings, and excited about what you are doing , and lets not forget having fun, you are far more likley to stick with it.

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