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Losing Belly Fat For Men My 3 Rules
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I am just an ordinary guy. I am thirty nine years old (12 days till forty actually - yikes!) and I lost a great deal of weight from my belly by following a very simple plan. I'm not going to tell you some crazy new fangled scam type nonsense about how to lose your fat. And i'm not going to pretend that there is a special new secret which is just old information told in a different way. I'm just going to tell you how I did it my way.

My losing belly fat for men rule 1 Forget The Media Lies and Diet Scams

I was fed up of dieting and always gaining the weight after. I did a fair bit of research for myself. I found out which foods make you fat and what ones make you slim. Really its all quite simple stuff at the end of the day. It also turns out that dieting is a complete scam by the way! (But that's for another article ;-). Type multi trillion dollar scam by diet industry in google you will find it there) You will see that diets fail more than 95% of the time.

My losing belly fat for men rule 2 Keep It Simple

The simplicity of it is eat lots of fruit and vegetables and eat lean meat. Also cut out any processed foods and carbohydrates. That is it. That is all you need to know. No matter how many people try and dress up eating plans in any new revolutionary way that is all you need to know. You may hear people tell you that low carbohydrate is bad for you. That is only true if you are not eating fruit and vegetables. You can get as much carbohydrate as you need from fruit and vegetables. And those are the best carbohydrates to have.

My losing belly fat for men rule 3 Do A Little Exercise

No gyms, no running , just go for a walk. I walked for an hour every day and that is enough to trim away the belly fat. Don't believe anyone who says do sit ups or ab crunches to target the fat that is complete lies. OK it may trim up your abdominal muscles but it will not in any way specifically reduce the fat around your belly.

There are my losing belly fat for men three rules. Follow those and you can't go wrong.

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