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At nowdays, the fact to lose weight becomes a great and poses a great concern through the all fringe ages of people.

The risk to gain an overnormal may lead to several complications that not permiting an east life to the individu So , what are the causes letting people to accuse an overweight? Ther are many factors which contribute to the exces weight of the human being like hereditary,inaction, sedentary, dieting alimentary and many others not uncommon like taking drug medicaments.

I think everyone at now know that the food that we are accustomised to eat daily for keeping our strenght, are rich in protein, glucose,fat matters. The both matters glucose and fat matters if they are consumed in exces by the human body , could lead progressively through the days even the months to gain a surplus of weight. This eating mode if stay constant for quite while period, the obesity stade appears in the relevant subject, situation is not easy life for the concerned patient, i tell patient because in USA,the obesity is considered just recently a disease.

The different foods sold at commercial wide space are labelled with percentage of the content elements including sugar and fat matters. So, people for controlling their weight, have to consume the food containing lower rate of nutrive elements not favouring the earning of overweight like fat matters and sweeten components.

Inaction and sedentary are responsible to the develpment of a progresively exces of weight in people especially the adults and elederly group. People working at offices and others at inactive movement are largely neuralgic to have theit bodies fatten. The calories contained in food, if they are not wasted by physical activity, would be developed in grease's cells. So, it is recommded if the waking is not in the possilibilies daily programmes, to make significant movement preferably in the morning.

The hereditary is spite of it is rare case in the community, may also cause spontaneously overweigth in the child's fringe.Parents could transmit their fatten genes to their children whom grew up with fat body.However, it is also possible to eliminate the exces weight body by a relevant alimentary diet and practicing air sport.

Certains medicaments prescribed by doctor practioner may stimulate the body to fat but once tha patient terminate the treatment, he recovers its normal weight body.

The causes of overweight body is generally tied to the alimentary diet and doing respectively physical effforts.Others like hereditary and taking medical drugs causing a surplus of weight,could also be remediated by just cited above the conformally recommmendations.

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