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Maintaining Weight Loss
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Maintaining weight loss is much less difficult task than losing weight. While diet and exercise are major components for both goals, you have already achieved the greater of the two tasks. The best thing you can do to ensure you maintain your new weight is to continue the exact same daily activities that allowed you to trim the pounds.

It can be very tempting to drop a few minutes from your workout or to begin to enjoy the quantity and variety of foods you enjoyed before you lost your weight. However, these choices will lead to your weight returning. Instead, choose whether you wish to exercise more and eat more, or exercise less and maintain your diet regiment.

Most dieters choose to exercise more while returning to the foods they love. To supplement returning to your normal diet, you only need to factor in one or two extra hours of exercise per week. Since you are no longer forcing a calorie deficit in order to inspire weight loss, you do not need to burn as many calories as you did while losing weight.

The additional calories you will intake can be offset by the additional workout time. In the event you begin to regain weight, you will need to seriously consider whether you are burning enough calories through exercise to justify your new diet. You must retain the willpower to control your food intake in order to continue maintaining weight loss.

Proper monitoring of your weight on at least a weekly basis is also important. Do not be alarmed by a pound or two showing up on the scale any given day. This is a normal fluctuation of weight you can expect to experience. However, if your weight progresses at least one or two pounds over the course of two weeks, you might consider altering your diet or fitness regime.

If you are comfortable with your daily fitness and diet by the time you reach your goal weight, you should consider retaining the routine. This is a surefire way to continue to maintain your weight after meeting your goal.

Calorie counting should be a skill you retain for the rest of your life. If you have achieved a substantial amount of weight loss over time, you can probably count calories by instinct. You know how much you can eat without causing weight gain and your appetite probably reflects this amount. Keep in tune with this newly acquired ability as it will serve you well in the future.

In addition, when you’re tempted to quit exercising or to return to a diet that will surely cause your pounds to return, remember the reasons you fought to lose weight in the first place. Losing the spiritual battle with yourself is a major reason why pounds can return. Stay motivated, remember the way you felt when you were overweight, and use this as inspiration to keep the pounds off.

Hopefully, using all of the methods described in this article, you will be successful in maintaining weight loss.

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