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Maple Syrup Diet - Too Low In Calories?
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Maple Syrup Diet  -  Too Low In Calories?

The maple syrup diet has gotten some attention because of stories of quick weight loss. But is this diet really that effective? Well, it's important to just use common sense and see really how people are losing weight with this diet and if it's long-term or just a quick crash type of diet. I believe it's the latter.

The thing about diets and weight loss is, people are always trying to find the next big "secret" or "key" to shedding pounds. Most people want to see results quickly and sometimes a diet like this one creates some buzz because of a celebrity who lost weight doing it. Of course, I think we all know the basics of how to lose weight. But for many, following a specific diet or method is what's going to keep them on track and motivated to actually make a change. So I guess if you're into trying new things, why not take a shot at it.

So what's it all about? It's pretty much a drink concoction that's supposed to help you shed pounds quickly.


  • a bottle of maple syrup
  • some lemons
  • cayenne pepper
  • salt
  • 60 oz of water/day

So basically the maple syrup diet is supposed to have some health benefits such as flushing "toxins" out of the body and of course drop extra pounds and quickly. The deal is, you can't eat anything else and can only drink this drink? How long does the diet last? Not that long that's for sure.

This is definitely something you want to do for short term. I mean, how long can you possibly go like this? Only drinking a virtually calorie less drink.

The maple syrup is supposed to give you energy from the natural sugar.

The lemons work as a fat-burner.

The cayenne pepper is supposed to increase metabolism.

And the salt is well an obvious nutrient that you need.

My Personal Opinion On The Maple Syrup Diet

So let me tell you what I really found about the maple syrup diet. You're pretty much not eating. That's what it comes down to. You're more doing a fast than an actual "diet", so of course you're going to lose weight. This is something you might want to do if you're looking to lose more water weight than anything (which can make you look and feel slimmer) or you're just trying to "detox". I honestly still don't know if detoxing has scientifically been proven to work, but I guess drinking lots of water will help something.

I guess it won't hurt to at least try it out. It's something I wouldn't do for more than 10 days though.

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