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Midriff Fat Is Linked To Autoimmune Disease
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Why would you take a can of rat poison eat it and turn on the tv and watch it until you croak? I know that is kind of harsh talk when you are relating this to midriff fat but midriff fat is linked to autoimmune disease like diabetes which if not treated will kill you. Weight loss should be treated as a health disorder and may soon be as studies keep linking excessive fat with chronic diseases. Diabetes is an autoimmune disease. This disease causes the immune system to react to good tissue as if it was foreign bodies and attacks with antibodies. In the case of diabetes Type I, the pancreas's beta cells that produce insulin are attacked.

If you are healthy as far as you know but the only thing that is a problem is the fifty to seventy-five pounds you have acquired over the years and when ever you get the time you will lose the weight. We need to restructure the way we think we can put losing weight on the back burner and go on a diet when we want to go to the beach and look good. We must reiterate that midriff fat is linked to autoimmune disease and is very dangerous to our health and overall well being.

Are you overweight but you do not have diabetes then you have got to get on some program to accomplish weight loss. Diabetes is not a disease to take lightly because it is the sixth leading cause of death in the United States.

Diabetes Causes So Many Other Disorders:

* Kidney disease

* Heart disease

* Eye disease (Retinopathy)

* Blindness

* Neuropathy

* Poor blood circulation ( causes Appendage amputations)

* Hypertension

So you see midriff fat is linked to autoimmune disease in this case, diabetes. Weight loss is not a casual option it is imperative that we keep our weight in the normal range for our height and age.This may mean that we change our lifestyle by changing our eating habits and our exercising routine.

A midriff fat diet program is our best bet in staying focused on this kind of weight loss.We will need to use the foods that we pick to eat as catalyst to kick-start the metabolism to stay in the fat burning mode all day if possible. This can be done with more than three meals a day but smaller meals where there is less space between time to eat. You can use catabolic foods for snacks that will burn more calories to digest the food than the sum of the foods total calorie content.

Now that we know that midriff fat is linked to autoimmune disease let us react with a vengeance and defeat this problem. We can win this fight and reap the rewards of an healthier longer life.

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