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Money Saving Tip - Buy Older Running Shoes
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Unless you really like spending money, or want the latest and greatest, buying older running shoes is a great way to save a few bucks on your running gear. No, I am not suggesting that you purchased used shoes, but rather I am suggesting you purchase shoes which were made a year or two ago, and save big from that. I love running because you do not have a spend a great deal of money on it, and this is one way to save big while starting your quest to lose weight by running.

Shoe companies update their models yearly, like companies in other industries. Not every year do models include new features which constitute "must haves". Because it usually does not matter a great deal on the year by year features of the shoe, buying an older model shoe will be cheaper than buying the newest model. I am not going to stop anyone from purchasing the newest model, but I would look into an older model for bootstrapping.

I have done this numerous times and have saved tremendously. I love to run long distance, so I do not want to skimp on running shoes while I run really long distances. I can buy a new top of the line running shoe for about $140 retail, or I can search online for the previous year's model for roughly $50 off. That is over a third of the original price off a great model of shoe! Also, I have also bought shoes on online auctions - I go where the shoes are the cheapest. Ostensibly, you have to watch for people when they sell items on auctions, especially online, but I have had great luck with that through the years.

While bootstrapping this great hobby and quest for a fitter, leaner you, when you need to retire your old shoes, take a look at purchasing older models for substantially lower prices than when originally sold. When you already have a favorite model of shoes you can buy cheaper, or for the same price acquire a much nicer pair, it will be to your advantage to do a little searching.

My name is Christian A. Lautenschleger, and I have founded to help people lose weight by running. I write articles on subjects geared towards new running enthusiasts who are motivated by weight loss. Again, I have founded How To Start Running To Lose Weight, which is located at Thank you for reading my article!

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