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Motivate Yourself To Lose Weight
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Here's one tactic for healthy weight loss, motivate yourself to lose weight.

Had enough?

You've decided you've had enough. You can't take having all those extra pounds on you any more. You get tired or start huffing and puffing just walking up one flight of stairs. You can rest your hands on your stomach sitting on a chair. Is the size you're wearing starting to get way too tight again?

It's Time

Motivate yourself to lose weight. In concept it's not really a difficult thing to do. Just take one of the things I mentioned in the last paragraph and turn it from a negative into a positive. I'll just take them one by one to show you what I mean.

You know who you are.

You can't live with having all those extra pounds. You have let yourself go and let yourself go until you don't recognize yourself. Your weight has increased and you can't take the fact that you have let yourself go this far. Use it as motivation. Look at the scale whenever you want to eat something you know is bad for you. Just as easy, look at your own body and decide how you want to look. You know who you are and who you want to be. Motivate yourself to lose weight.

Huff, puff, huff, puff

You are walking up the stairs at home, one flight, from the first floor to the second and by the time you get to the top you are breathing twice as hard as you should be. That's not a good thing and that should be obvious to everyone. I'm not even going to mention what you feel like going up more stairs than that somewhere else. This should be enough motivation for anyone. You need to use this to motivate yourself to lose weight. You cannot let yourself get so bad that you are out of breath walking up the stairs in your house. No excuses. Even if you're wealthy and have a mansion. Motivate yourself with this knowledge in your head.

Someplace to rest your arms

I was watching a pro basketball game the other day and there was a timeout in the game. They panned to the press row and the fans in the first row of seats. Right there was a woman sitting there with her hands resting on her oversized stomach. I'm not criticizing, because I've been there before and I have been able to rest my arms on my stomach.

Look at yourself

All you have to do is stop for a second and look at yourself. Sit down in a chair and see if your stomach sticks out enough to rest your arms on it. My guess is you already know if you can do it or not. Motivate yourself to lose weight. Think about these things when you don't want to eat healthy or you want to take a day off from exercising.

A new set of clothes

It's not always a good thing to get to buy a new set of clothes. If the reason you're buying a new set of clothes is that you've expanded beyond the size of your current set. Beyond gaining weight you're costing yourself money by having to buy a new wardrobe.

Just a few reasons

These are just a few things that you could use as motivation to lose weight. Just sit back for a moment. I'm sure you could think of many many more. Being at an optimal weight is something you should be thinking about for yourself and the ones that you care about.

Motivate yourself to lose weight

If you liked this article and want to motivate yourself to lose weight just think about the things I've said in this article and use them or come up with your own.  Visit the Losing Weight With Jerry Blog for more great tips.


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