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My Husband Lost 20 Pounds In 3 Weeks. Find Out How He Did It
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My husband dropped the worst foods for weight loss and took on the best foods for weight loss that enabled him lose 20 pounds in three weeks. When my husband was diagnosed with diabetes and high blood pressure, we knew it was time for us to make a dramatic change in our eating habits.

The doctors put him on medication for both conditions but the medication did not seem to help. In fact the more he took them the more he got other complications like kidney pain, weakness, tiredness and complete discomfort.

The doctors said that his condition was enhanced by his being overweight (over 300 pounds) so if we wanted to see a real positive change in his health he needed to lose a lot of weight.Thus began our search for the best foods for weight loss.

The thing is my husband is a sports freak. He is so much into body building and exercises 4 times a week for three hours each time.

So you can imagine my shock when I learned that he was not only hypertensive but diabetic as well.

Luckily I was already into healthy eating so I know exactly what the best foods for weight loss were. My husband on the other hand did not care so much about healthy eating because he thought that as long as he kept up with his exercises, it did not matter what he ate, he was going to be completely fine. Boy was he wrong.

So it was with a lot of shyness that he asked me to help him implement healthy eating habits. Below is exactly what I removed from his diet for the next three weeks which dramatically made him lose about 20 pounds and dramatically brought down his blood sugar and blood pressure to almost normal.

In fact doctors were shocked at the results when he went for a check two weeks after following this eating plan.

Here is thus the best place to start to lose weight rapidly and maximize your health.

1. Do way with all white starchy foods. This includes white rice, sugar, potatoes for the next two to three weeks. You should however continue eating or increase eating of healthy white foods like cauliflower and fish.

2. Do away with ALL sugar. My husband never used to drink water. Instead he packed sugar into his body in the name of healthy energy drinks. Don’t be deceived to think these healthy drinks are good for you. They are all packed with sugar and should be avoided at all cost. During these three weeks my husband drank nothing but water or tea (green or wu-long tea unsweetened)

3. Remove all dairy products from your meals. My husband loved eating about 6 to 10 eggs daily, drinking 1.5 litres of milk daily and eating cheese and cheese products . These were removed from his diet for the following three weeks.

Note whole organic eggs are a healthy food and were added to his diet again after three weeks but in a much lesser quantity. They were removed from his diet during the three weeks just to accelerate his weight loss.

4. Removed soy and soy products from your meals. Soy products add belly fat and make it hard to get rid of stomach fat. My husband had a big problem with losing stomach fat so we needed to remove soy products from his meals to make it easier for him to lose stomach fat. Doctors told us that people wit pot bellies are at a higher risk of developing diabetes.

5. Make a change from refined salt to 100 percent pure unrefined sea salt. Refined salt can greatly increase high blood pressure.

6. Exercise 3 times a week for about 45 minutes to an hour or two. He changed his exercise regime from mainly power-lifting to a combination of power-lifting, aerobic and cardio exercises that burn calories more and maximize fat loss.

So this is exactly how he was able to lose 20 pounds in three weeks.

Honestly it was not hard at all. We were actually surprised at how easy it was once he started eating the best foods for weight loss. Especialy as we had fun trying out different healthy recipes. Once you start eating in a healthy way you find that you feel much better and are thus encouraged to keep it up.

Also he followed an eating plan that thought him what these best foods for weight loss were, when and how to cook them and in what combinations to eat them. This plan is packed with information on healthy food choices and recipes making eating healthy fun.

Weight loss diets do not work. The best way to lose weight and stay healthy is to eat the right kinds of food for your kind of metabolic type. You will never have to go hungry, you will be able to eat delicious meals and still lose weight at the same time.

It simply does not get easier than this.

Now that you know what foods to avoid at all costs, it is time to find out what the best foods for weight loss really are.

My husband was able to lose 20 pounds in 3 weeks without dieting by eating the right kinds of food.You too can effectively lose weight without dieting. Want to know more? Check out my blog.

Suzzy is an ESl instructor and internet writer.

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