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My Weight Loss Secrets
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My Weight Loss Secrets

I must confess that weight control, including dieting and weight loss, has become my true passion in my various IM activities.

It was natural that I would gravitate to weight loss and weight control because I have spent most of my adult life trying to stay at a healthy weight. It was never easy, nor was I successful in staying at the right weight for me.

One can blame it on inherited factors that your body came equipped with, but in the end one has to face the fact that it’s our eating habits that are responsible for the need to constantly go on yet another diet.

I must say though, that another unfortunate factor is the deterioration of the American diet. A lot of people blame the fast food industry for this deterioration in our diet. But I think that a deeper cause is the relentless speed of our daily lives where it seems there is no time available for taking well balanced, healthy meals.

After many years of struggling with my weight, I stumbled upon an eating plan that produced almost effortless weight loss by just following a few guidelines.

There really is a secret to my successful weight control. But it’s such a simple thing that you may find it trivial, and hardly worth calling it “a secret.”

But if you do that you may walk away from a powerful little process that has brought me the ability to control my weight at will.

If the yearend holidays bring me a few extra pounds, as they always seem to do, I am not the least upset because I know that in two to three weeks time I will be back to my target weight.

My little system is very simple. It consists of eating five to six small meals per day, and selecting the right combination of foods. This causes my metabolism to speed up so that my body burns more fats.

In terms of food choices, rule number one is to always eat a protein with a carbohydrate.

Rule number two is to avoid eating any fats at all. That’s the goal but in practice, it’s almost impossible to do.

For example, even the leanest cuts of meat have fat in them even though you can’t see it.

But that’s alright because your body needs a small amount of fat in your food to stay healthy. The fat you can’t see that sneaks into your diet will help your body to stay healthy.

Rule number three is to avoid salt altogether. There are some great ways to add flavor to your food, without the flavor distortion caused by over salting your food.

The problem with salt is that it causes your body to gain as much as eight to ten pounds by holding water in your system. You’re simply bloated!

If you don’t believe this, why do you think so many so called “secret diets” on the market claim that you can lose ten pounds in 5 to 7 days? They are right, because you will be shedding all the excess water your body has carried for years.

However, come the second week and beyond, the great new diet fizzles out. No more easy weight loss and probably no additional weight loss at all.

Rule number four is to cut back on sugar as much as possible. The reason is that sugar slows down your metabolism, and excess sugar in your blood causes your body to give you a big shot of insulin, which triggers a slowdown in your metabolism and results in fat retention.

Is it hard to follow these eating guidelines? Truthfully? For the first couple of weeks it is a bit hard, not because you’re hungry. You’re never hungry with this eating plan. But it does take some effort to get used to doing away with salt.

Limiting sugar consumption is more a matter of finding the right foods to eat. You must read food labels. You’ll be shocked at the amount of salt and sugar in practically all prepared foods.

But if you can be persistent and continue with these eating guidelines for a couple of weeks, you will find that things get a lot easier from there on. Eventually you get to the point that your new eating habits are a way of life, and you will want to continue them.

You will find great motivation in the results you get. Your appearance will change so much as you continue with this eating plan that your family and friends will want to know what you are doing to change your appearance so much.

When you have arrived at your target weight, you will need to slowly modify your food quantities till you reach a break-even point. You can also plan one day a week when you can eat what you want. You can satisfy your cravings.

But come the next day, you must go back to you new eating habits so that you can maintain your desired weight level indefinitely.

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