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Myth Busters And Weight Loss
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Myth Busters and Weight Loss

There are many theories and myths surrounding weight loss. As I mentioned in a former article, you can pretty much prove and disprove anything, given enough time on the internet or in the library.

One of the easiest ways to prove or disprove a theory or myth is to live it. I don't recommend trying every fleeting theory out there to prove it first hand, but I have to admit I have tried many of them.

As a result, I have tried and tested many fad diets, healthy diet programs, exercise programs, cleansing plans and more. I have studied and researched many topics on exercise and weight loss. I have learned many lessons; sometimes at the price of good health, which I don't recommend.

I am happy to say that as I grew older, I also grew wiser and healthier from the lessons learned. Here are some of the myths that I personally disproved.

Do I have to starve? The myth is, when dieting you have to go hungry.

Many diets which promise rapid weight loss and miraculous results require you to drastically reduce your caloric intake in a very short period of time. Most of the time the fad diets are unreasonable to stick with for long periods of time because they cause unnecessary hunger, loss of energy, and health is compromised.

There are thousands of diets out there. The easiest way to determine a good diet from a bad one is if it provides gradual weight loss, boosts energy, and sustains or improves overall health. If your diet of choice doesn't satisfy these few criteria, keep looking.

Everyone's lifestyle is a little different, but the rules should still remain the same. You need not starve. There are foods that are zero calorie, or low calorie that are healthy and keep you from going hungry. Healthy diets provide ample food for a healthy weight loss program.

Does exercise have to be painful to work? I've heard if it doesn't hurt, I'm not making progress.

Remember the old saying, "no pain, no gain"? It was once believed that muscles had to be broken down to rebuild and strengthen. The best exercise program I ever participated in was called "Be A Loser" by Greer Childers.

It is an excellent exercise program to reduce inches and it is so simple, you'll wonder how it works. The best part is that there is no unnecessary pain and agony the day after. In fact, too much pain in any workout program can be a sign that you are working out too hard. A little pain is okay, pushing yourself is okay, but be careful not to harm your muscles.

In fact, if you are working out and you stop seeing results, you probably need to mix up your exercise program a little.

The human body will get accustomed to exercise over time, so changing your type of exercise and the duration to keep your exercise program effective. It doesn't mean you have to hurt yourself; pain often times discourages people and they stop exercising altogether. Take time to build into a productive workout; be kind to yourself, but push yourself a little.

Make sense?

How do I overcome barriers? Anxiety and feelings of deprivation are always a part of dieting, I just have to tolerate it.

Dieting is all about changing habits and belief systems. Sure, it is learning what types of foods are good for you, but primarily it is changing habits. Some habits are difficult to change because they are buried so deep into our lifestyle and beliefs.

There are many ways to overcome barriers and change belief systems. Reducing the level of intensity, and often times completing eliminating them are very easy when using methods such as Tapping and Hypnotherapy.

Dieting doesn't have to create an uncomfortable level of anxiety and feelings of deprivation. In fact, these two methods of overcoming barriers can leave you feeling empowered and energized.

The bottom line is this...if you choose to lose weight, you need to burn more calories than you eat. You need to either consume less calories than you are burning, or increase the level of activity to burn those calories you are eating.

Most of the time for an effective weight loss and management program, you will desire to join both methods; consume less calories and increase your activity level. Increased exercise will strengthen your physical body; consuming fewer, but more productive calories will help your body reduce excess weight while still offering healthy energy.

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