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Natural And Healthy Weight Loss
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Natural And Healthy Weight Loss

How To Lose Weight Naturally

People who are fighting an ever expanding waist line can sometimes resort to extreme measures to drop that excess weight. Starvation, crazy pill popping, and surgery; people take high health risks to lose weight.

First, lets understand what is meant by natural weight loss. It's not some sort of strict vegetarian diet with hardcore yoga exercising. For some people that might be the way to drop the extra pounds, but for most probably not. But that is one of the main keys of successful weight loss, forming a plan that suits your style and attitude.

Losing weight naturally means adopting healthy eating habits, physical activity and a long term outlook. Dropping excess pounds naturally does not involve gimmicks, pills or very strict and mundane eating styles.

Weight loss surgery won't be addressed here because only a very small segment of the population fits the criteria for the surgery.

Pills and diets are not natural because they try to drop weight too quickly and involve habits that are impossible for people to adapt long term. People will not stick with bland, strict eating plans or dangerous diet pills for very long, it's just human nature. Studies have shown that over 90% of people who try to lose weight with these methods fail within a few weeks.

Eating regular, filling meals is natural. Getting up and moving about is natural. The trick to successful weight loss is finding that individual combination of food and exercise that will work for you. There is a huge variety of foods available to put into a healthy eating plan. Physical activity can be walking, swimming or an amateur sports league.

Burn more calories then you take in, pretty simple right? Just realize that it will take some time, but that's o.k., fast weight loss is dangerous. Look to make long term healthy lifestyle changes, but short term goals to help keep things interesting and energizing.

Remember these for natural weight loss:

There is huge varieties of healthy foods, no excuses for not finding types you enjoy. Learn to cook and mix it up.

Walking, swimming, golf or gyms the different types of exercises are just as numerous as the different types of healthy food. Gyms might be expensive for some, but aside from a large variety of equipment, they offer professional help and support.

Don't be afraid to get help, professionals have good up to date information and can give you that kick in the butt that you will need every once in a while.

Include friends and family, they also can be great motivators and support.

Common Sense Weight Loss

You don't need to move to a commune to lose weight naturally. It's all about healthy eating habits (no fast food or processed food), getting up and moving around to get your heart pumping faster, toning muscles and last but not least, losing weight gradually at a healthy pace and looking to make long term lifestyle changes. Any quality health and fitness program you look at should be pushing lifestyle changes, not short term diets.

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Thanks Lemuel, I've noticed that also, it took a while for me, but craving certain bad foods is really no longer much of a problem

  about 1 decade ago

Very good and realistic motivation for natural and healthy weight loss. I totally agree with your points here. There is no quick fix to weight loss, but the good news is that when the body becomes healthier, it also starts to dislike the processed foods. Pursuing a healthy lifestyle is really important for everybody. Thanks for another great article, Joe.

  about 1 decade ago
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