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Natural, Drastic Weight Loss
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Natural, Drastic Weight Loss

Probably the biggest conversation occurring on a regular basis across the nation is health, wellness, and looking good. Many programs have been implemented into schools and companies to encourage being fit. The results of being fit are touted often, and reaffirmed by what we see on television and in everyday conversation. One of the toughest conversations is about weight loss.

Being overweight in America is a commonplace occurrence. Often we are quoted statistics about obesity rates in adults and children, the related health conditions like diabetes, heart disease, and chronic fatigue. Numerous fad diets have been popularized over the last twenty years to combat fat. Some diets have methods related to exercising, foods that are acidic versus alkaline, foods that are right for a blood type, foods that are protein versus carbohydrate, and on and on.

People who try weight loss methods have varying degrees of success. Some people lose all their extra weight, and a little more. Some people get sick and stop the program quickly. Others just see no results, which is frustrating. What people are trying to accomplish is to look attractive and feel healthier, stronger. What many diets fail to achieve is continued support of the dieters. People often want help because they have found they cannot achieve results by dieting by themselves.

Changing long patterns of eating is difficult, especially with teenagers around who can shamelessly eat anything they want. Finding new foods to eat that benefit health and taste good takes time to discover and figure how to cook them. Sometimes difficulty is magnified when spousal approval of a new menu might be necessary.

Exercising is uncomfortable. Making time, preparing clothes and cleaning up after are chores. Until a person has integrated exercising into their lifestyle, exercise remains a chore. Deciding what routines work is equally frustrating. It takes time, someone to talk to about programs, and likely a gym membership to integrate an exercise program that works.

Change is not easy and having to make changes related to lifestyle are some of the worst to execute. At the beginning the results a person is hoping to achieve seem a long way away. Like many long journeys, arrival at the destination brings joy and satisfaction. In health, fitness, and weight loss, the destination has large rewards. The changes in the way you feel is reflected in your relationships. The changes in your body reflect in the way you move and perform regular tasks. The change in the way you look is reflected in longer stares by the opposite sex, and the message in their eyes isn’t disappointing.

To achieve long lasting results from dramatic weight loss, few programs are set up to sustain you after a retreat, vacation, or boot camp. Similar problems occur when you attend a program and find you have built bulky muscle rather than tonified musculature. A program that integrates diet and exercise to body type is several steps in the right direction.

Other benefits to look for include years of experience and education within the fitness industry, a program that gives you a plan to work on your body to achieve long lasting changes that increase confidence, attractiveness, and happiness. Meal plans designed to satisfy a person with natural and organic culinary dishes are served to assist in burning energy while you rest. Work out plans are designed to fit your body specifically. Knowing how to burn fat while increasing strength for your body type is valuable, life-long information.

When choosing any program, it is important to look at recommendations and the leadership. For example, when analyzing Designer Body Makeover, the company has won a Congressional Medal of Honor. That says something and is not found within the fitness industry. The education of the trainers is in-depth and they have awards showing their achievements within fitness and natural weight loss. The most inspiring story is about Kris Reid, Co-CEO of the company.

When young, Kris was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes. He has been challenged by weight problems his entire life. It was not until he found the processes that he now teaches at Designer Body Makeover did he take consistent control of his weight and health. Today, using the program he teaches, he is able to live a regular, happy life.

Natural weight loss, health, and fitness are rewarding as long as a person can make the changes needed to commit to feeling better and healthy. There are options available to you. They include some of the hardest work a person can do because lifestyle change happens over time. With persistent and consistent activity, the reward at the end is very valuable.

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Excellent article. Persistent and consistent.....that is the only way to go. I look forward to reading more of your articles.

  about 1 decade ago
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