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Obesity Epidemic?
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Obesity Epidemic?

Problems with Being Overweight

According to the media, the U.S. is currently in the middle of an obesity epidemic. While there isn’t any doubt that many people, including a disturbing amount of children are overweight; is it really the catastrophe which is portrayed? What is the reality of the situation and what could be an ulterior motive for over-hyping the problem?

First, there is no question that diseases associated with obesity are on the rise, especially type 2 Diabetes. Heart disease is also the top killer in the U.S. and being overweight is a major contributor to the condition. But while these and other problems connected to being unhealthy are on the rise, we are also living longer and healthier lives. The death rates of many cancers and other diseases have also been drastically reduced. So what’s the situation?

One answer could be that we have made incredible advances in medicine and naturally our life-spans have increased. Also, we have cleaner water and air due to regulations and increased knowledge of the effect human activity can have on our environment. We have safer work conditions and more awareness of many risky behaviors.

A good case could be made that as a culture we are becoming soft. Never before have we had such knowledge and ability to diagnose, cure and prevent numerous ailments. Yet we are getting fatter and unhealthier every day. Few people can even pass a basic physical to enter the military or many police forces. It has become a reality that with advances in technology we have less need and desire to be physically active.

Healthier Lifestyle

All this means however, is that we need to adjust to this new reality of an advanced, automated world by finding new ways to get exercise. Many people already do this with gyms and other forms of physical activity. Unfortunately, many don’t and even worse kids are getting little or no exercise. While some people think that more government involvement should be the answer, there might be a less intrusive way. Don’t over-regulate and start dictating to people the proper way to live a healthy lifestyle. Put out information and let people accept responsibility. Local institutions are closer to their communities and are more knowledgeable about unique situations that might exist in their neighborhoods; therefore they should be leaders to a certain degree. Not everyone will be able to adjust and learn to be healthier and more productive, but this is reality. Thinking we can get people to change by using government force is not a pragmatic solution. The more we consent to government intrusion the less individual and independent we will become.

This is not paranoia, just look at the power our education system has over how we educate and raise our children. Giving them power over our health is a terrible idea. We as a culture have to cowboy (or cowgirl) up and start acting like we can take care of ourselves.

Hyping Obesity

Is there an ulterior motive for hyping the obesity problem in the U.S. and more importantly pushing the agenda of government being the only answer? Keep in mind that whenever people or governments want more control they always use the “what’s best” or “it’s for the children" excuse. The facts however, are that bureaucrats are terrible at fixing pretty much anything, look at our public education system and the massive debt our country has incurred.

For better or worse the most reasonable and positive solution is to empower parents and to leave government bureaucrats out of it. Some will fail, but usually the more responsibility that is given or even forced on a person, while at first fought, is usually accepted. Most people will flourish and generally will do what’s right. We need to stop expecting the worse and expect the best. Healthy eating and consistent exercise is a life long journey more people need to learn. End the soft bigotry of low expectations and give people the opportunity to adopt a healthier lifestyle and enjoy life in their own manner. What do you think?

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Thanks AJ, yeah the news is a joke. I agree if you have good judgement and some critical thinking skills there is good info out there. Just need to find it and know it when you find it. Joe

  about 1 decade ago

Good point about hyping obesity and propaganda. I stopped watching the news 6 years ago and will never go back. I feel that it is filled with information that is geared toward a specific agenda and not portraying 100% truth. I much prefer a variety of information sources on the internet and use of my own judgement. Too much hype about anything means someone has an ulterior motive.

  about 1 decade ago
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