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Every year until we are old enough and informed enough to know the truth, we believe that a plump older smiling guy with white hair and a white beard delivered our gifts for Christmas piled high on a sleigh pulled through the air by 8 reindeer, and that all the year we must be nice and gracious to people to earn the right to get our gifts. It is in a sense a wonderful adolescence training tool that teaches us to care for one another, be kind and giving to one another, forgive one another, understanding of one another, to become what we used to refer to as being a real human being. What we failed to realize is that it also teaches us that it’s okay and fun to be obese and fat. Because of our submissiveness and understanding and lighthearted banter on the subject obesity now ranks as one of the top killers of humanity and has become a worldwide epidemic, funny how that doesn’t sound sweet or cute anymore.

To put this in perspective here are some real facts: 26.7% of Adult Americans are either overweight or obese .We have to lose weight and lose it now. And how can we do that you ask?

Well, we can start by eating more vegetables in our meals and eating more slowly. Developing an exercise program will really get the heart beating and will go a long way in getting the weight off.

To really get started in earnest you need to have a goal of what you want to weigh and realistic time frame put into place on achieving it, this will help get you into the mood that you need to start.

Read up on and develop an exercise program that works your core as that will help get the weight off very quickly.

Above all else remember that Rome wasn't built in a day, there were many campaigns that were waged to make it the dominant world power that it was during that time, there were set backs and strategies that had to be tinkered to keep everything moving towards that goal of domination, and so will it be with you on your weight loss journey.

The most important part to know and internalize is that you must not no matter what quit, keep going and you will reach your weight loss goals. These are just a few suggestions that can help you on your way to complete weight loss if you are overweight and obese. If you need or want further information, please visit my website at for more information on obesity and also for more information on what you can do to get the weight off and keep it off for life, and a longer and a better healthier one you will have when you do.

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