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Popular New Year's Resolutions - Fight Fat In 2012
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Popular New Year\'s Resolutions  -  Fight Fat In 2012

Are you already thinking about one of the popular New Year’s resolutions you can try again next year? Are you ready to fight the battle of the bulge again in 2012? Do you know that your body can be a fat burning machine? If it is not right now, it is probably because of lifestyles choices you have made in the past. Your past habits may have started your weight gain. There are the usual solutions: stop eating unhealthy foods, exercise more and keep track of your progress.

Are there other ways to try and achieve one of the most popular New Year’s resolutions, to lose weight? This is the time of year all the fad diets and weight loss gimmicks abound. It hits you from every media avenue, all claiming to have instant weight loss diets, miracle pills, weight loss gadgets that only make your bank account lose weight.

If you want to succeed in your popular New Year’s resolutions, especially with weight loss, here’s a few changes you can make right away. Start making a few of these small changes and you will still stay committed to your weight loss resolution in February, and beyond.

Eat more protein!

You have to eat protein if you want to shed some pounds. Adequate amounts of protein help curb your appetite by keeping you full longer. Protein also helps to increase muscle mass. Some even say that just by eating more protein, you burn more calories. How can you go about getting more healthy protein in your diet? How about from sources like poultry, lean meat, fish, and raw nuts. These are all great sources of body building protein.

Eat Healthy Fats!

There are certain fats that are not produced by your body but are necessary for it to function at its best. That is why it is so important to eat healthy fats instead of avoiding fat altogether. You have to know the difference between good and bad fats! For the sake of this article, just stick to fats from wild caught Alaskan salmon, avocados, walnuts, olive oil, coconut oil, flax seeds, almonds, organic butter, and organic eggs. These healthy fats work to provide the essential fats your cells need to function properly.

Drink Water!

You can’t get your body to metabolize fat if you are not drinking plenty of water each day. I know some people don’t want to drink liquids while on a diet because they think they will add pounds that will show up on the scale. Replace all the unnecessary drinks with water and you will help your body to shed fat. Only a hydrated body can burn fat! How much you ask? For sake of simplicity, one ounce per pound of body weight is a good start. If you are thirsty for more, drink up!

Eat Sprouted Grains!

If you like bread, replace it with breads made from sprouted seeds. You get whole grain nutrition without flour. It is high in fat fighting fiber, protein, vitamins and minerals.

Put the Scale Away for Awhile!

You want to be sure you are losing fat, and not muscle. If you focus on eating five healthy meals, exercise each day, and eliminate 500 hundred calories that way, you will shed weight because your body will use its fat stores as its energy source, which will mean a slimmer you! To start out, use your clothes as a measure of your progress. In a month’s time, when your clothes are feeling roomy, than you will know you are on the right track. I suggest this because so many people focus on the scale and actually sabotage their progress because weight varies a little bit each day. If you want another barometer, take measurements of fatty areas. Journal those and track monthly. Do this and you will suceed!

If you are going to make popular New Year’s Resolutions, and weight loss is one of those, just adopt these simple and easy methods and you will achieve your weight loss resolution and become a fat burning machine. If you will adopt healthy eating habits, drink plenty of water, eat healthy proteins, eat sprouted grains, you will train your body to burn fat. Franz wishes you much health and happiness in the New Year!

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