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Resistance Training - Benefits And 5 Tips For Better Results
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Resistance Training - Benefits And 5 Tips for Better Results

A few years ago i saw myself in the mirror and thought. I want to lose weight because this body couldn't be mine anymore. So when i made this decision i knew that to have steedy weight loss results my healthy eatinh habits should go in parallel with exercise.

So after the cardio check i did and my doctor assured me that everything was ok i added to my training program the resistance training because it helps to burn calories and keeps body strong.


Resistance training increases the lean muscle mass on your body and for this reason it is vital to use this kind of exercise in your weight loss program.

Dumbbells, weight machines, water bottles to name a few are some tools you can use to start this kind of training. Also your own weight can be used for resistance training to do pushups, squats etc.

If you don't convinced that resistance training can help you very much on your way to weight loss i would like to tell you that between two persons which have the same height and weight one of them is flabby and the other has lean muscle, the second one would look smaller because muscle takes less space on the body.

Don't be afraid of using resistance training on your schedule that you get bulky. This fear is not realistic. People who gain bulk in most cases are people who want for their personal reasons to gain it and usually are professional bodybuilders.

You are not going to get bulky only by doing strength training the physical way.

5 tips in order to have the best results doing Resistance Training

Do it not more than three times per week. Do not over exercise because doing this kind of training because your muscles need their time to recover. The ideal exercising program is doing exercise today and get some rest tommorow etc.

Don't lift too heavy weights or too light weights. You must be somewhere in the middle in order not your muscles to get injured.

Make slow and under control movements when you are doing resistance training. When you lift weights fast you are not use strength but momentum and this could be against your effort of losing weight.

Don't use the same weights for weeks because your muscles get bored and you will not have the progress you want. Make the appropriate changes in order to see results contibually.

A combination of resistance training with a healthy diet program will give you the results you want and see the pounds go away.

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