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Run To Lower Blood Pressure And Cholesterol
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Heart disease and health are at the forefront of American sickness and death in today's age, and we should do everything possible to combat heart related diseases. There are quite a few ways for people to lower their blood pressure and cholesterol, but one that can make the most dramatic without medication or a diet is from intensive cardio: running. From running, the runner is able to lower the amount of bad cholesterol from his or her body, but also able to lose, possibly, a tremendous amount of weight which also will help the cardiovascular system.

The body as good and bad cholesterol. From intensive cardio, the bad type of cholesterol is able to be excreted from the blood vessels and into the liver, where the liver takes care of the bad cholesterol and then leaves the body. From running, the body increases strength in the lungs heart to increase the capabilities the runner has to run at a high level. This, in turn, helps the runner to lose weight, which exacerbates the lowering of the blood pressure and cholesterol. The good cholesterol, HDL, is increased from running, whereas, as previously mentioned, the bad cholesterol, LDL, is lowered through running.

Running is an outstanding activity because it is able to do so many things to help the person stemming from the same activity. You should exercise for about half an hour, three days per week. If you are running, you are going above and beyond the recommendation of the half an hour, three days per week, because those recommendations do not count extremely intense cardiovascular activities. In addition, runners run more than three times per week; running regiments (except for the very beginners) start at four days per week. Essentially you are going above what is recommended for people who want to lose weight, and lower blood pressure and cholesterol by starting to run.

A great way for people to really improve their lives is from running. The energy you will gain will be night and day from before. Although it will be hard, within a few weeks you will see results and feel much better. However, before you start to run to lose weight and increase your cardiovascular system, make sure to contact a health professional to make sure you are healthy enough to start to run. The last thing you want is to hurt yourself from trying to help yourself.

Thank you for reading my article! My name is Christian A. Lautenschleger, and I have founded to help people who want to run to lose weight by running. For more information about running to lose weight, please visit my website at:

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