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Running Tips For Beginners
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Running is a very effective method of losing weight, and it is not just limited to running from one end to another at a constant speed. There are workouts with varying degrees of activity. Since running naturally puts a lot of strain on the body, Care should be taken to be properly trained on running methods so as to avoid injury.Below are a list of briefly explained running tips for beginners.

Things you will need: Good pair of running shoes, Running tights, (and for those too sexy for that alone) fit thigh-long shorts finally but not too importantly a stop watch.

1. Establish and fulfill realistic running goals: Believe me when I say you don't just want to jump from never running, to strenuous every day running, you would end up getting seriously hurt and not even get paid for it like footballers. A beginner has to treat running as a learning process (for the body). Just like you can't become a qualified professional in one night, it takes time for your body to become adjusted to the rigors of running by which time the body would have gained strength and endurance. Regularity should be the focus and not intensity Start with the most basic running activities. A running tips for beginners model is given in the next paragraph.

Walk for about 2min then increase your pace intermittently for the next 6min. Slow down to your normal pace for 3min and then repeat the process again but this time with 3min intervals (this time it will be 3min walk,increase pace and do it again for 3min, making 6min, finally increase your pace further for another 3minmaking 9min, normal pace for 4min ). The time intervals should continue to increase till 5min. That should be enough for the day. The second day you can replace the walking with light jogging and repeat the process, with time and consistently a beginner can start running regularly.

Another way to quickly establish and fulfill running goals is to start with aqua jogging. And no, this is not only for people with injuries and women. Aqua jogging is a very good way to speed up consistent running because water is resistance and thus will prevent the direct impact of body joints on a hard surface. This removes the muscle problems and body aches usually associated with running on hard surfaces. If you are interested in this running tip for beginners here is a way to start:

- 2min water warm up (slow jog)

- 5min water run.

- 1min easy-jogging recovery

An aqua jogging belt is needed and this is very important. The belt helps with maintaining the proper upright position and supports you in the water. Special gloves and shoes are also not bad ideas.

2. Don't be Lazy: For every person, there are periods of times in your training exercises when it seems impossible to continue. You take note at such times that, there are seeming no positive effect of your training exercises. You are always sore all over, with constant body pains, you are at the limit of your endurance. This is a good thing. I can imagine a reader going what, but truly it is a good thing. It only means your body has reached a threshold of endurance, that it must cross to build increased abilities (super human strength). Wouldn't that be wonderful? Seriously though you only need to persevere and change from running exercises to other interesting activities like swimming, or sporting activities. It isn't easy, but enduring this period and spicing up your routines will help you surpass each threshold you encounter, this is an important running tip for beginners

3: Cross Train: When your training exercises get monotonous, you and your body become bored. Doing the same routine over and over again, from Monday to Sunday, is just not natural. This makes some beginners quit running workouts, they find that they feel tired whenever they think of their every day routine. The solution,change things a little or even a lot. Instead of running exercises everyday of the week, why not every other day and try other workouts, there are so many. Do you know that playing music and dancing can be workouts? No joke folks, play very danceable songs and really dance for 10 min straight. Are you sweating yet?, If you're not, its either you don't like the song, its not danceable, you are sick, or you're not human. If its one of the above then, find a song you like there are millions, you must like one, find a danceable song, get well soon and finally this article is not for you.

4. Use good tracks: Imagine seriously concentrating on your running sessions, you are getting the hang of it and are beginning to enjoy it to the full then flip, you land in a pot hole and seriously sprain your ankle (one month injury), what pain,agony and loss for the workout you have come to enjoy. So avoid courses with sidewalk cracks, potholes on the road, tree roots or even dirt paths. If you have access to a rubberized tracks like those used in high schools (check your former high school) that will be a great option.

3. Don't neglect warm ups: A warm-up gets the blood flowing, slowly and builds up the heart rate and temperature, and gets the muscles warmed up and ready to go. Jumping into running workouts without a warm-up is a sure way of setting yourself up for injury. Even if you doesn't get injured, the quality of your workout will suffer because you will feel uncomfortable when you starts. For prevention of injury please pay attention to this running tip for beginners. Some Important warm ups are:

Light Jogging: This is just to awaken and warm up the muscles.

Stretching (yeah I know for ladies and gays right) Wrong. Bending and stretching the muscles before you do

exercises can help prevent sprains or other damage to your muscles.

4. Build up your momentum: Runners who are new tend to start too fast and hard.Remember you're not superman so, while diligence is required, you shouldn't run so fast that your breathing and heart rate are totally out of control. Try to run your intervals consistently so that your last one is the same effort as your first.

5. Everyday: Running has to be made a way of life, as such while rest is necessary, completely putting off running for a day can affect the form of a beginner. why not try and do some light jogging. A 2-5 min jog wouldn't be a bad idea, for a rest day.

6. Start with 3 times in a week: A little run workout goes a long way -- even just adding one session of speed work in two weeks can make a big difference on your body. This will improve your fitness,confidence and endurance.

7. Cool down: As it sounds, cool downs, whether easy runs or jogs are just as important as your warm-ups. Try use the same set of warm up exercises to cool down. It helps prevent accumulation of blood to the legs which in turn reduces or prevents aches and stiffness, It also removes lactic acid buildup. There might some other things to watch out for as a beginner, in case I missed them though, I would love to read more running tips for beginners, so lets have them in the comments.

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