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Stable Blood Sugars Will Help You Lose Weight
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Stable Blood Sugars Will Help You Lose Weight

For some people, keeping a stable blood sugar is vital and lifesaving, as it would be to someone with diabetes for example; and you might think therefore, what has blood sugars got to do with you losing weight.

Well there is a lot of evidence out there that says that blood sugars do play a large part in our ability to lose weight and in resisting food cravings.

All of us are very different when it comes to eating and choosing our food. For example some of us can go for hours without eating and experience no ill effects whatsoever. However if I go too long without eating then I will experience a dip in my blood sugars. I know this because I start to feel very weak, dizzy and shaky, and this is my body responses, to the lack of glucose in my body.

You can imagine the scenario that, when your blood sugar is low, then you will start to get signals from your brain that you need to eat. You then look around and find that you have nothing to eat, so you go and buy something. As you want to eat quickly you are more likely to choose something high in sugar like a chocolate bar. Of course you would not choose the piece of fruit would you?

Yes! a bar of chocolate will give you a quick glucose burst and is definitely useful to have in some situations where you are needing an extra burst of energy, for instance if you were running a marathon but normally we are not running marathons, so do not need this extra energy.

The problem can be where you let your blood sugars get low. Studies have shown that you are more likely to give in to food cravings. This is because when your blood sugar drops you will basically be seeking out something too quickly to eat.

Low blood sugars can result in you having food cravings and indulging in food binges. Foods high in sugar will give you short lasting energy, but then will leave you craving for more sugary foods. The energy that you had previously is now quickly replaced with feelings of lethargy, commonly known as ‘the couch potato effect’.

Foods that are high in sugar are known as having a high glycaemic index score. It will come as no surprise then, that the high glycaemic foods are typically the ones that you would imagine them to be such as waffles and fries. You can easily obtain a list of low medium and high glycaemic rates for foods as they are widely available.

To keep it simple

• Prevent your blood sugar from dipping through the day.

• Eating smaller meals will help keep your blood glucose levels stable.

• Don’t go for long periods of time without eating.

• Eat before you are ravenously hungry

• Have a stock of low glycaemic foods to eat

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