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Step By Step With The Eating Plan
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Step by Step with the eating plan

It is a big mistake if we don't plan ahead for consuming regular meals, if we want to change our way of life. Destination without an appropriate plan is just an empty wish. We are all aware of having a desire, but that is is not enough. We have to take action and prepare ourselves in advance. That is why we need to create a meal plan in advance and do a lot of exercising, at least 30 minutes per day. The article is about progressive steps that we should take into a consideration when we try to start to make new eating plans.

Five important steps you should consider when creating an eating plan:

  • 1st Step: No meal should be missed! EXAMPLE:

- Breakfast: oatmeal, skim milk, coffee or tea, pear

- Snack: Apple

- Lunch: turkey breast grilled, stewed tomatoes and zucchini, brown rice

- Snack: plain yogurt

- Dinner: tuna salad with tomatoes, half wheat bun

  • 2nd Step: Control portion size! EXAMPLE: bread roll counts as one serving.
  • 3rd Step: Ensure adequate fluid intake! EXAMPLE: Every hour, drink one glass of water.
  • 4th Step: Be realistic, self-critical and flexible. EXAMPLE: Occasionally, treat yourself to dessert, lets say at the birthday party, but do not go back to eating without any restrictions. You should never let a single dessert turn into an excuse to stop eating by the plan. Drop the attitude "all or nothing '. If you eat a piece of cake, don't say to yourself: "I have sinned and now I can eat the rest of the cake." Small sin does not become an excuse for overeating because you will not gain control of nutrition. You should rather take it as a stimulation!
  • 5th Step: Reduce the calories and fat foods. Try to make reminders that will help you prevent enjoying unhealthy food. EXAMPLE: check your pantry, refrigerator, kitchen cabinets, drawers, all places where you keep and store the food and find out what you can discard, or at least reduce the amount to prevent temptation.


Your food plan should include the recommended foods that provide your body all the necessary nutrients and avoid foods inadvisable in the table. This will help you create your meal.

1.) Recommended food:

- Eggs: white, whole egg, prepared without fat;

- Dairy products: less fat, cottage cheese, milk, cheese, yogurt;

- Meat: roast in the oven or grilled, lean beef, lean cooked ham, oil-free turkey or chicken sausage, lean pork, chicken and turkey without skin, horse meat, rabbit meat, venison;

- Fish and shellfish: boiled, stewed in boiling in water, baked in the oven or grilling of all kinds;

- Vegetable protein: beans, peanut butter, soy products;

- Fats and oils: peanut, linseed, olive, canola, sesame, vegetable oil, margarine without trans fats;

- Nuts and seeds (in shell): peanut, pecan and brazil nuts, walnuts, hazelnuts, pistachios, sunflower, flax and sesame seeds;

- Bread & Cakes: buckwheat, rye, spelt and oat bread, bread from whole meal, biscuits from whole meal with no added sugar;

- Fruits and juices: fresh, frozen and fresh squeezed fruit juices;

- Vegetables: fresh, frozen, cooked or made ‹without additives;

- Cereals and products: barley, millet flakes, couscous, brown or wild rice, whole or soy pasta;

- Soups: beef, chicken, tomato, vegetable soup;

- Fast food: a sandwich with grilled chicken, salad, salad with grilled chicken without dressings;

- Beverages: Lemonade (unsweetened), mineral water, dark teas, coffee, unsweetened fruit juices, water, herbal teas, smoothies;

- Snacks and sweet foods (limited): dried fruit, popcorn without oil.

2.) Not recommended food:

- Fried eggs;

- Dairy products: full-fat cottage cheese, milk, cheese, yogurt, sour cream, pudding, sweet cream, ice cream;

- Meat: entrails, beef (high fat cuts), sausage, fried meat, salami, pork (greasy cuts), pâté, lard;

- Fish and shellfish: fried fish, fried fish products and shellfish (eg, fish sticks, chips of crustaceans);

- Fats and oils: margarine, butter, vegetable fat;

- Nuts and seeds: dry salted roasted or roasted in oil;

- Bread and cake: white bread, grissini, donuts, muffins, pies, pancakes, croissants, cakes, waffles, tortillas, rolls, buns and rolls, biscuits;

- Fruits and juices: submitted or frozen in syrup and sweetened, fruit juices with added sugar;

- Vegetables: starchy - potatoes (au gratin, baked, mashed, rolls), spinach (cream, soufflé, sauce);

- Cereal Products: white rice, pasta made from white flour;

- Soups: All cream soups;

- Fast food: burritos, hamburgers, french fries, pizza, sandwiches;

- Beverages: Alcoholic (liqueurs, beer, wine, spirits), all carbonated drinks sweetened with sugar, all fruit juices with added sugar;

- Sweet foods and snacks: popcorn, salty pastry, chips, all kinds of sweets and chocolates, all kinds of sugar, honey, sweet toppings, jams with added sugar.

If you try to eat recommended food above, you'll eventually acquire a healthy relationship with food and you will not need to renounce to certain types of food. That way, you can become healthy, lose weight and have a lot more energy than before. It is very hard to start, but with step by step it is easier to take this process into your life cycle and to the path of success!

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