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Steve Quillen; Weight Loss Success!
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The latest weight loss success, a 59 year old man named Steve Quillen tells of his staggering 127 pound weight loss story, but how did he do it?

Steve describes how he gained the weight and ended up at a jaw dropping 339 pounds. Being a soda fountain installer, Steve's job would mainly have him working for various bars, bistros, restaurants and cafe's meaning that he was exposed to any type of tasty food that he wanted throughout the day, many times offered freebies.

Steve had some of the worst eating habits, his daily diet would consist of pizza, Mexican food, Asian, Italian, burgers, biscuits, fried chicken and just about anything that he could get his hands on. He goes into detail describing his breaking point was the moment he purchased a Harley. Steve had grown up riding motorcycles but had not ridden one since the early 80's. Although the Harley had the raw power to pull even the biggest of boys down the strip at a reasonable pace, it takes a great amount of both mental and physical strength to be able to haul the iron horse to safety. Not being able to fulfill his love for the experience Steve set out to lose his extra weight.

How he lost it

Steve describes the key to his success was becoming a vegetarian, "after being so much negativity about meat these days I decided the healthiest option was to give it up all together" Steve says. Mainly by dramatically changing his diet from meat infested to non existent, Steve explains that this was the ultimate factor to his incredible weight loss.

After giving up fast food and the usual lifestyle of a biker including beer, steaks, barbecue, burgers and fries, Steve claims he hasn't looked back and only eats healthy foods, although he occasionally indulges in vegetable pizza's and vegetable fajitas. Since he is not eating meat he has decided to start taking supplements to replace the protein that he is lacking in his diet.

Well after one whole year Steve is now 127 lbs lighter and has a whole new out-take on life.

My opinion

While a massive congratulations is in order for Steve as losing 127 pounds is an absolute staggering effort, I do think his approach is a little unorthodox. While I'm not going to bash on vegetarians I do believe that going to that kind of extreme is not the only way to lose weight fast or get into shape. What Steve is just figuring out now after telling of using supplements is that he is missing a lot a important nutrients that he normally would of consumed from meat.

With the appropriate information on weight loss and a proper guide Steve could have lost the weight without having to give up his beloved biker lifestyle, that he elaborates on his success story. He also needs to realize that while drastically cutting calories and turning to vegetables maybe one of the fastest ways to lose weight, he needs to take into account how much muscle he is losing as opposed to fat. As he does mention in the article his main breaking point was not being strong enough to control his Harley.

But all in all however he decided to approach his weight loss journey I commend the man on a great effort on turning his life around!

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