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Ten Midriff Fat Burning Foods
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The people of this world for the most part do not eat the foods that our body can break down efficiently because over 75% of Americans are laden-ed with midriff fat and even severely obese. A Lot of these people have jobs where they sit behind a desk or a computer getting little exercise. To lose weight we will have to work around these jobs and get our food to help us get some of this midriff fat off of us. In this article we will discuss how midriff fat burning foods can help us burn fat even while we are asleep.

A diet program should stress using these fat burning foods to boost the metabolism into the fat burning stage as much as possible and make your diet 80% diet and 20% exercise.

Ten Midriff Fat Burning Foods:

1.) Olive Oil helps burn fat and will help you lower your cholesterol. You can use olive oil to cook with rather than vegetable oil.

2.) Milk contains calcium and has been shown by an university research that dieters that consumed about 1300 mg lost twice as much weight as dieters who consumed less calcium.

3.) Salmon has high amounts of Omega 3 which will lower your leptin which helps speed up your metabolism and burn calories quicker.Salmon is considered on of the best fat burning foods.

4.) Jalapenos contains capsaicin that speeds up the heart rate and kick-starts the metabolism. It has be shown in studies where men consumed coffee and hot pepper snacks and meats burned almost 1000 calories more than a controlled group who did not eat the hot peppers.

5.) Oatmeal is a great fat burner and it will fill you up but won''t cause insulin spiking. Insulin spiking is a no-no because it causes the metabolism to switch into the fat storing stage and not the fat burning stage.

6.) Green Tea has a chemical in it that acts like caffeine but doesn't have the side effect of caffeine which races your heart.

7.) Coffee has caffeine which speeds up the heart and causes calories to be burned.

8.) Sardines are high in protein which is harder for the body to digest thus causing the body to burn more calories.Sardines also has fish oil which is a great fat burner.

9.) Tuna is a great fat burner because it helps to lower the leptin in your body which makes the metabolism burn fat more efficiently.

10.) Turkey has a great source of lean protein which boosts the metabolism. Be sure and remove the skin because it has a lot of fat.

These ten midriff fat burning foods are a great source to be incorporated into your diet program. The great thing about these foods are that they kick-start the fat burning process without exercising and some of these fat burners work while the body is at rest like when you are asleep. Do you want to lose weight then find you a good diet program, stay active and add these fat burners. You will lose weight.

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