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What do you think of when you hear diet? Of course the main thing one has in mind when starting one of these plans is usually weight loss. However there is a bigger picture here. When you begin your program there are other things to consider as well as weight loss.

You want to maximize your efforts to your whole body, not just the fat. In our modern day diet, there are so many hormones and pollutants in our food that our bodies were not meant to have. These causes build up in our system. This build up in our intestines will prevent your body from absorbing the essential nutrients and vitamins that we need. This will dwarf your fat loss results. When your body feels it’s not getting what it needs it holds on to whatever is put in it (fat) as storage for later energy use. There are a few ways to remedy this.

Colon cleanses are controversial however I’m a big fan. There are a lot of choices when it comes to length, price, quality and administration of these products. I personally prefer the 90 day cleanse because it just makes more sense to me. If you have never done a cleanse, and you’re in your 30’s, that’s 30 years of buildup in your intestinal track. I don’t feel it’s enough time to break down all the build up doing a one time or even seven day cleanse to get rid it.

Another way you could go is a professional colon cleans administered by the doctor. This is once every three years treatment that is sure to get all of the build up your system. However the process is a little uncomfortable. (They do sedate you) A doctor uses a hose connected to a lubed narrow lubed tip, and inserts this into your colon. When the equipment is in place, water is pressured through the hose at 25 lbs. of pressure for a period of time.

Fasting will help clean out your system too. There are a lot of ways to fast. Dawn till dusk or a 24 hour period. This is one of the ways you can really play to your liking. Fasting is when you only consume water for term that you choose. It takes some discipline to this, so I would recommend that you start out small so you don’t discourage yourself.

Everyone has their own opinion on this subject like I said “controversial”. However when people do this, they tend to lose 10 to 15 lbs. . . Yes that’s right, you could have 10 to 15 lbs. of buildup in your system now that a cleanse will get rid of immediately. So you not only help your body function at its best. You’ll feel mentally clear and healthy from the inside out.

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