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The 50 Million Pound Weight Loss Challenge
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One of the biggest problems facing human civilization nowadays is obesity. Due to this problem millions of people are dying before their physical time to death. They are dying from diseases that are preventable. These diseases are high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart disease. Now there is the 50 Million Pound weight loss Challenge which created in order to combat these problem to its root and.

Who was the instigator of the 50 million pound weight loss challenge?

The 50 Million Pound weight loss Challenge was created by Dr. Ian Smith in April 2007. Dr. Ian Smith is a physician, journalist and writer of The Fat Smash Diet book. He is also a medical advisor for the TV show The View. Dr. Ian Smith and a health insurance company came to together to quest this challenge to the African American public. It was a quest for the public as a group to lose 50 million pounds and stay healthy. It is a way to help others giving them health materials and encouragement to change to a better lifestyle.

What is the Exact Purpose of the 50 million pound weight loss challenge?

The first aim is to help lose pounds, and stay in helthy weight, and to eliminate the chances of life-taking diseases. Second reason, it is to help bring about unity in the communities. Third reason, to help the young people see the meaning of making good life choices that will help in the long term.

Why is this Needed?

Over 130 million Americans are overweight.

The African American population has been hit the most by it.

Over 79% of African American women are overweight and over 66% of African American men are overweight.

Sadly over 20 percent of African American adolescents between the ages of 12-19 are overweight as well.

How is it different from other programs?

It has a website that you can join and pick a team. Having a team you can motivate yourself much more to lose weight and together with it you can decide and keep track of how much weight you have loss since you started the 50 million pound weight loss challenge program . When you lose pounds you get to add this to the group record. The goal is to reach 50 million pounds collectively but there is no need to stop at that point.

There are many resourses on the net where you could find useful information on how to lose weight fast and naturally.

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