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The 7 Minute Diet Unmasked

Don't you just love it when you are tantalized by a product on the Internet, teased just enough to make you want to buy it but never really told what exactly the product is?  It is a favorite trick of marketers to get you to buy their stuff and a lot of the time there is a reason they do it.  It works. Still you could end up buying junk and that turns out to be true too often also.  Well, I have researched The 7 Minute Diet since I first saw the title flicker across my computer screen.  I am always looking for easy ways to maintain my weight and just the name, The 7 Minute Diet seemed to promise ease. So I bought it and I am here to unmask in for you.

The 7 Minute Diet Ain't No Diet

What I found out surprised me starting with the fact that The 7 Minute Diet ain't no diet at all.  It is a metabolic enhancement program.  Yea, you spend several minutes throughout the day doing small actions that boost your metabolism.  If you did all 21 of these things you theoretically could burn an extra 1100 calories a day.  I did some figuring with this number so that I could visualize it better.  A 150 pound person would need top expend around 120 calories a mile if they were jogging and you weighed around 150 lbs. That means that it would take you a 9 mile jog to burn 1,100 calories.  Wow, that sounded exciting but what were these actions John Benson calls switches in his book?

As I read the e-book I was surprised. I will give you some examples here so I hope I don't get sued or anything.  But one of the first "switches" you do is to take a mega dose of vitamin D3.  This switch burns an average of 220 extra calories from your body at least that is what the researchers at the University Of Minnesota claim. (I have no reason to doubt them.)  Another of the switches is drinking a lot of ice-water each day.  Now you should drink a lot of water everyday anyway but this "switch" uses the twist of making it near zero degrees celsius with ice so that your body must burn calories warming it up. Cool!

A third "switch" is eating breakfast.  It turns out that researchers have also discovered that having at least a small snack of around 250 calories for breakfast results in jump starting your metabolism and causing you to burn even more than 250 calories that day.  There are also "switches" that involve certain spices like cinnamon which the U.S. Agriculture Research Service says that a mere 1/4 to 1 tsp per day boost your metabolism 20 fold.

OK, I could go on here but I don't want to get on the wrong side of Jon by giving away the entire content of his e-book The 7 Minute Diet.  Suffice it to say, all of his 21 switches are backed up by some type of study or research.  This aspect of The 7 Minute Diet is pretty solid; however, the name still bugged me so I decided to do something bold, I contacted Jon Benson to find out why he called this thing a diet.

Jon's Defense Of The 7 Minute Diet

Jon Benson has been a pretty solid guy in the health and body building world.  His best selling books Fit Over 40 and The Every Other Day Diet have attested to that.  When I got hold of him I came straight to the point.

"Jon", I said, "I Just bought your latest e-book, The 7 Minute Diet."

His only response was, "Did ya like it?"  I had to admit that I did.

"Jon," There is one big issue I have with The 7 Minute Diet Though"

"What's That", he asked with interest.

"The title Jon, the title," I said.

"What's wrong with the title", he asked a bit defensively

"It ain't a diet," I said

"True", he replied but it does get weight off all things being equal. Jon went on to explain that he had two other best selling e-books called The 7 Minute Muscle and The 7 Minute Body and so it made since to name this latest metabolism boosting program The 7 Minute Diet.

The Pros Of The 7 Minute Diet

I have been using The 7 Minute Diet and lost 5 pounds in one month doing nothing different with my diet other than following The 7 Minute Diet program.  It is super simple to use and every "switch" is backed by science and not just a an old fable.  I have also experienced a big jump in energy and I like the fact that my creeping weight gain has been reversed.  The 7 Minute diet also can supplement virtually any other weight loss item boosting your weight loss and speeding the achievement of your goals.

The Cons Of The 7 Minute Diet

The weight loss isn't fast and if you are constantly overeating you will not lose weight with The 7 Minute Diet.  In fact, I believe that The 7 Minute Diet is best used in conjunction exercise and healthy eating.  The 7 Minute Diet by itself  is not a solution for obesity, however; it would still be a nice addition to any weight loss program.

The bottom line with The 7 Minute Diet is that it is an excellent program for anyone wishing to reverse creeping weight gain or wishing to boost the results of their weight losing efforts.  You can try it for up to 60 days risk free so if it doesn't work for you you won't be out a dime.  In my opinion Jon has another hit on his hands.

Visit The 7 Minute Diet and see for yourself

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