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The Dukan Diet - The Attack Phase
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The attack phase of the Dukan Diet is a short but strong period during which you literally enter into war with your body. The good part of this phase is that you lose rapidly weight. Because results are there within a few days, you will be motivated to continue this diet.

The reason, I think, why Dr. Dukan called this phase "attack", is because you have to change drastically your food habits and also you have to fight against two major issue overweight people are usually facing when doing a diet. The first one is hunger. The second is what I call "the sugar call". Fighting the first one is easy as the hunger sensation will disappear within the 3rd or 4th day of the diet. The second one is more difficult. In fact it does not completely disappear. This is the one that you will have really to fight against.

The attack phase last between 1 to 10 days maximum depending on the number of kilos you need to loose. Dr Dukan recommend the following. For any weight loss below 5 kg, one day is enough. For a weight loss between 5 to 10 kg, 3 days should be sufficient. For a weight loss of 10 kg up to 20 kg this phase should not be less than 5 days. Above 20 kg then a minimum of 7 days is needed and it can go up to 10 days if the number exceeds 30 kg. In this case consulting a Doctor is highly recommended before starting this diet.

During these days you are allowed to only one type of food: Pure Proteins. You are limited to 72 different type of High Protein food. The list is easy to remember but we recommend you to make a list and stick it on the fridge. It will help you to vary your menus and will give you ideas to breach the monotony. Nothing kills more than monotony. you have also to drink a minimum of 1.5l of water. This point is very important as you need a lot of water to eliminate the to proteins that you are daily absorbing. So what are the food that are allowed?

  • Beef. All the meat in the beef is good apart of the Sirloin, the Rib-eye and the Ribs. Choose all the lean meat areas of the beef. The purpose here is to reduce the fat intake as much as possible.
  • Veal. all the parts.
  • Poultry. All the poultry a part of duck and geese is allowed. These two are not because of the high level of fat they contain. All the rest like chicken, rabbit, turkey is allowed.
  • Fish. Any kind of fish.
  • Seafood.
  • Eggs. Preferably the white as it has the highest level of protein than any food in the word.
  • fat free dairy products. Skimmed milk, 0% cottage cheese and 0% yogurt are allowed. low fat dairy products are tolerated if the fat free products are not available but must be limited.

All the food must either grilled or boiled. No oil is allowed. All the spices are allowed and even recommended.

The efficacy of this phase is really limited by the food your will take. if you limit yourself the allowed list of food then the result will be stunning. But if you "cheat" then the results will be slower and may be even stopped. If you cheat just tell to your self that the only person you are cheating is YOU. Therefore you shouldn't allow yourself any extra. no "only this small piece" or "only this time" not even "only today". You have to follow to the letter the list allowed to make sure to have those astonishing result.

The psychological aspect of The Attack Phase of the Dukan Diet Program will surprise you if followed properly. This phase will allow to loose the maximum weight you could during this phase and because of the fast results will encourage you to continue this weight loss program.

I hope this article will be useful for you. Until then, Eat healthy!

Ahmed Sebaa

Street Talk

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