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The Facts About The Dukan Diet Book
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If you've been following Kate Middleton's controversial weight loss, you are probably curious about her now famous diet, which is explained in the Dukan Diet book. The Dukan Diet, was written by Dr. Pierre Dukan, and takes you through the exact weight loss regime that Kate is using. The diet has been wildly popular in Europe for over a decade, and has reportedly helped many people lose weight.

The Dukan Diet book is now promoting the diet in the United States, and many people have already bought into the celebrity hype that Kate is bringing to the program. However, many American doctors and nutritionists have their doubts about this weight loss plan.

The Dukan Diet Book consists of four phases that allow only certain foods throughout each phase. The first phase focuses on lean protein foods, water, and oat bran each day. The second phase allows vegetables to be added, and the third comes with 2 servings of carbohydrates, some fruit, and a serving of cheese. The fourth stage is called Stabilization, and allows the dieter to eat whatever they please for 6 days of the week, but reverting to the first (Attack) phase for the 7th day when only lean proteins are allowed (with the never-ending oat bran, of course).

Dieters using the Dukan diet book must follow phase four for the rest of their lives if they are to lose weight and keep it off. The reason that many diet professionals in the US have been raising their eyebrows at this particular weight loss model is because the main idea is to cut out carbohydrates and fats for long periods of time. This presents some of the same problems as the Atkins diet does. Carbohydrates, especially in the form of whole grains, are essential for brain function, organ health, and the construction of nerve cells, as well as being a good source of dietary fiber and energy. The dieter must abstain from these healthful foods for long stretches, then maintain an "indulge and abstain" pattern indefinitely.

The Dukan Diet book presents itself as a weight loss solution that may work quite well in the short term, but as far as maintanence goes, phases 1-3 may need to be repeated often in order to fulfill a lifetime weight loss goal. The Dukan Diet does include a maintenance phase, but without careful monitoring, the dieter will probably find that they are unable to "Stabilize" for the long run. This can lead to yo-yo dieting and possibly ill health. The Dukan Diet book is a good solution for quick or short-term weight loss, but many experts agree that like most of the diets out there, it is not sustainable for the long term, and is not focused on teaching people how to eat healthfully and mindfully for life.

For lasting results and a lean, healthy body, dieters must look for a weight loss plan that gets the pounds off in a matter of weeks, also but teaches them what foods are best for optimal health.

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