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The Facts To Lose Weight
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Diet, health and weight loss are the most trendy subjects nowadays, Everyone talks about losing weight, going healthy. But there are much deeper facts regarding this subject, as you go further there is always the emotional eating, eating for pleasure, nothing-else-to-do eating…etc these are most of the reasons for eating excessively. First of all losing weight quickly is not an option as everything happens gradually with effort like becoming rich or smart, you can’t just press the button and become smart That’s Not Real,you have to work for it.

You have to understand to lose weight logically. The burning of fats in your body can only happen if you don’t add fat to your body daily, so you have to start by going clean then burn already existing body fat, but like I said it doesn’t have to be all of the sudden, you can start by gradually cutting your portions into smaller ones daily then adding some greens into your lunch and exchanging snacks for fruits and soda for tea. It’s more encouraging if you know the benefits of what you’re eating , so everything you eat you research to get even more motivated to eat it.

Exercising is a good plan, it does not give you results right away but it gives you muscles for good and it’s amazing when you make a habit out of it, after all the athletes we see on T.V didn’t get this healthy by only dieting but they worked really hard for it.

Setting goals for yourselves on certain dates then working to achieve them is a successful plan and a very good step towards weight loss, and don’t worry if you don’t get it the first time you’ll get it the second time if not the one after , just make sure to stay positive and never lose hope. If you find hobbies you love, things you’re interested in that could easily distract you from thinking about food. If you love something get up and do it.

Some of the best losing weight methods are: 1-Drinking cold water throughout the day. 2-Showering with cold water (silly as it seems it’s very effective). 3-Exchange soda and juice for tea and coffee. 4-Eat slowly and cut portions of your plate.

One last thing, Before trying to go on the path of “becoming healthy” ask yourself “Do I really want it?” if you really do want it then nothing can stop you, Do it to prove to yourself how strong you are.

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